Per Jakobsen

Hi, my name is Per - I have been a musician since 1972 when I started in my first band as a twelve year old boy. No more boy scout after that.. I followed my head and not my heart and ended up as an IT manager in my municipality even though I have been composing music and playing gigs all the way. Now, when I consider my self a grown up at the age of 61 - I had my "late spring" last year when seeing Christian Henson´s introduction to composing with classical instrumentation for the media on Youtube. After that - I was sold - and so were my wallet as I had to invest in these fantastic great sounding sample libraries from Spitfire audio. I am not a professional composer as you see, but wish to be able to make and distribute my music as I go forward. So - here is one of my pieces - Lindisfarne - inspired by the historical events in 793. In this composition I used: Hans Zimmer Percussion, Chamber strings, Aperture Orchestra, Originals Cimbalom, Symphonic woodwinds, Symphonic Brass, CDT Bass, Albion NEO, Eric Whitacre Choir, NI Stradivari violin.


  • Not much happening here, yet.