4019 : client IP address is restricted by the vendor ( can someone help me? )

i want to buy a bundle and it said ( my ip adress is being block by the vendor


  • Hello @nighttone, thanks for flagging this, I'm not sure of a solution but I have passed this post on to my team for review! I will keep you updated on my findings.

  • thank you @Morgan i contact the team on facebook ! i tried every salution he told but still i cant make the purchase ! i tried using all type of browser and using the Incognito mode on chrome but still didnt work ! i remove all adblocker and VPN but still didnt work , i also try the paypal option . i will attach a picture when i try to use paypal option ,

  • Hello @nighttone, would I be able to confirm which country you are attempting to pay from? Thanks in advance!