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If I wish to edit my entry, apart from clicking the "edit response" button in my Google Forms email, do I first need to re-upload my video to youtube (giving it a new web address)? Then I'm guessing the "edit response" stuff will point to that new address, right?

Sorry for my confusion, thanks very much,

Scott Gorsuch

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  • Abstract
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    Thanks very much, Morgan!

    I thought it'd be something like that. I'm sure you're overwhelmed with dumb questions right now, so I really appreciate your response!




  • Hello @Abstract, Yes, if you wish to edit your entry, you are welcome to choose the "Edit Response." If you have a brand new version of your score, please edit the video you've already uploaded via your YouTube Channel "Manage Videos" page. Be sure to include the new link of your re-uploaded video in your new google forms submission.