The dedicated player - better than Kontakt ?

I can't really find anything on your dedicated player. Whats under the "hood"? Is it better than Kontakt? How about purging unused samples etc.

In other words whats the sellingpoints :)


  • I think its better because its bigger!! I can actually see it easily. I like it much more than Contact. As for what's under the hood? No idea and don't want to know!!😁

  • The following statement is my opinion.

    I prefer Spitfire's dedicated plugin over Kontakt. For larger projects, Kontakt always gets bogged down much quicker than Spitfire. I also prefer being able to just load the articulation(s) that I want, instead of having to constantly purge samples. The layout, for me, is much more intuitive with Spitfire's GUI. Also, it just looks way cooler than Kontakt GUI.

  • "better"? No.

    about half the posts here seem to be about issue with the player.

    the Kontakt interface is as big as the developer chooses to make it.

    Me - I like to pop the hood and fix things that are wrong or make improvements, apply my own tunings etc. for that you need Kontakt.

    It's free though.