🌉 Netflix's BRIDGERTON Scoring Competition FAQ 💬

Bridgerton Scoring Competition


When is the competition deadline?

The competition closes at 17:00 BST on 24th August 2022

Who is Judging the competition?

Kris Bowers and the team at Spitfire Audio

How do I attend the mentoring session if I win?

The mentoring session will be held online, via video call at a convenient time and date for Kris Bowers and the winner

Does it matter where I live?

This competition is worldwide, however, it is important to note that some countries and regions don’t permit these types of competitions; so it is important to check to see if your region or country allows the competition prior to entering

Can I enter if I’m under 18?

If you’re under 18 years old then you’ll need permission from your parent/guardian. Proof of permission should be provided upon request from Spitfire Audio

How do I know whether my entry has been received?

You will receive an automated confirmation email once you have successfully completed the entry form. You will also receive an email from Spitfire Audio once the entries have closed

How do I know whether my entry has been judged?

Following feedback from last year's competition we will email all applicants once all submissions have been judged

I want to edit my submission, can I?

We can only accept one entry from each entrant, but you can edit your entry at any time before the closing date (17:00 BST on the 24th August 2022). Just click the “Edit response” button in the confirmation email you received from Google Forms

I don’t have a YouTube account, do I need one?

You will need to set up a YouTube account in order to submit to this competition. If you already have a Gmail email address, simply login to YouTube using this

Do views and subscribers count?

Not at all, the competition is about your skills as a composer

Can you give me feedback on my entry?

If you’re looking for feedback we’d suggest sharing your submission on our Forum, our community is very supportive and encouraging. We would love to provide feedback to everyone that enters but the number of entries we receive in competitions makes that extremely difficult to do!

Can I collaborate on my entry?

We can only accept one entry per person and one person per entry

Can I use my submission in my portfolio/CV?

You’re welcome to use your submission, providing you clearly state that it was for a competition and was not commissioned, or endorsed by either Netflix, Shondaland Media or Spitfire Audio

Do I need to use Spitfire Audio sounds in my music to enter this competition?

Nope! You don’t have to include Spitfire libraries in your score – but you must be the legal owner of any sounds, sample libraries, or virtual instruments you use

Can I alter the Dialogue & FX Audio?

You can reduce the overall volume of the original Dialogue & FX audio but volume automation or audio processing are not permitted

I’m not good at mixing, what do I do?

This is a scoring competition not a mixing competition so you won’t be marked down for a bad mix, but it’s obviously easier to judge a score that sounds good so give yourself time once you’ve finished your composition to concentrate on your mix

Can I make reference to other scores in my score? We cannot accept any entries that break copyright law

Where can I find the competition rules?

All of the rules are available at www.spitfireaudio.com/bridgerton/rules

Any Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please check out the Spitfire Audio Forum



  • Can anyone confirm if we can add our own effects/Foley? I know we cannot edit or change the existing dialogue or effects in any way (Other than volume reduction) but can we add foley or effects?

  • Nico
    Nico admin
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments 5 Likes Spitfire Employee

    Hi @tyerac: if you want to do that for your own purposes and you think it will enhance your score you can — but please remember this is a scoring competition not a foley/sound design one, so it's ultimately your composition that will be judged.

  • JEP1928
    edited July 2022

    Can I use other Orchestral VST/Libraries besides Spitfire's like Orchestral Tools, Alpine, ProjectSAM, etc.?

  • Is any one else getting coyright claim added to their video on YouTube? The clip dialogue is still there but my own score audio has been removed. Any suggestions??

  • Nikos_13
    edited July 2022

    Can i use real instruments (guitar,mandolin e.t.c) for scoring the clip ?

  • Hello @JEP1928, yes, you are more than welcome to use third party products in your submission! You are not required to use Spitfire Audio products exclusively.

  • Hello @Kclay55, just replied to your PM regarding this topic. Thanks for flagging this!

  • Hello @Nikos_13, Yes, you are more than welcome and encouraged to use and record real instruments for your submission! You are not required to use virtual instruments and software exclusively.

  • Hi there, I'm a little bit insecure about how to treat the part of the video with the title card. I never watched Bridgerton but im pretty sure this is the place where the opening theme would be placed. So, shall we try to immitate the original theme here, or leave it blank, or just add something we think would fit?

    Thanks in advance :-)

  • Hi, really excited to enter! I have my entry exported with the score and dialogue together, but when I upload it to YouTube, my score disappears from the video and it's just the dialogue? When I play it in Mac's Preview, it's definitely there, but on YouTube the music goes? Any help?

  • How can I re-submit my entry, after I made some changes?

  • Hi there! I got another stupid question, since I'm not quite sure, if I got wrong what we're ought to do, after I had a look at some of the entries that have been uploaded already.

    For me, when watching the clip, it felt like it concists of absolute seperated sections and I scored them individually and even with a pause in between, where you don't have music at all. Because I thought that would help the scene. Now the entries I watched so far all seem to consist of one continuous piece of music. So, is there anything wrong about the way I approached the score? Do I have score the scene with a single piece of music?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Regarding the "score in whichever DAW you choose, Can I score in music notation, then finish up in my DAW?

    Someone mentioned using our own real instruments, this should be fine, right, since I own them ??

    Are there any Hit points in particular Kris and team might be looking for (emotional / scenes) ?

    Thank you for your time.

    Have a great week !


    K. Kennard

  • Nico
    Nico admin
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments 5 Likes Spitfire Employee
    edited August 2022

    Hi @reinibo, regarding both of your questions: it's a case of doing what you think fits and serves the scene best. There's no right or wrong way, it is up to you.

    In case you haven't seen it, or might want to freshen up on it, the judging criteria are explained by Kris Bowers in this video, I've timestamped the relevant section here: https://youtu.be/i1LWKTedNnI?t=222

  • Hey @Eagle, you can edit your entry from the email you received when submitting the google form, you'll see it has an "edit response" button. After editing and saving you'll receive a follow up email from google forms confirming your changes were saved.

  • Hi @Kennard

    Regarding the "score in whichever DAW you choose, Can I score in music notation, then finish up in my DAW?

    Yes, that's totally fine.

    Someone mentioned using our own real instruments, this should be fine, right, since I own them ??

    Yes, that's also totally fine.

    Are there any Hit points in particular Kris and team might be looking for (emotional / scenes) ?

    See here: https://youtu.be/i1LWKTedNnI?t=222

  • Hi @chrisjpelling. Sorry to hear about that, it may be a Youtube copyright issue or a compatibility issue. Can I check that you didn't have the video set to be monetised by any chance?

    I'd also suggest taking a look at these Youtube guidelines regarding audio issues to check if it may be one of these things (such as the audio format you exported): https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/58134?hl=en-GB#zippy=%2Cother-audio-or-video-issues

  • Yeah, I'm getting a copyright claim on YouTube, although my music is still there.

  • Hello,

    Can I incorporate music I previously composed and to which I own all copyrights? I have a tune that I only sent to close friends on burned CDs years ago and that I think would work well as a base for part of the score.



  • Hello @Avi, you are more than welcome to include material you have composed in the past. As long as your score is purely original, that's what counts!

  • Sorry if this is obvious, but can I boost my music's level in the video mix to make it more obvious for composition listening purposes? My cue is a bit minimalist and changes dynamics several times, so I'm worried it might be hard to hear if I try to imitate broadcast program mixing norms (i.e. keeping dialog louder than music).

  • I have uploaded to you tube and filled in entry form but my entry isn't showing in #mybridgertonscore, does this mean I won't be judged. Getting worried.

  • Hi Nico,

    I started to import the .mp4 and .mov file into Dorico and there is an error.

    Is it more Dorico problem, or what might the error be about ?

    I noticed you said it is a diff. Frame rate (FRP - right ). I did not even get into these details yet.

    Is it ok to convert file, or what is needed to make it import into Dorico 3.5 ? I know v. 4.2 is out, though know it's not due to 4.x. It's usually something else.

    May it have something to do with the Codec: H.264, AAC ??

    Check with the Dorico FB group ?? I'll await a quick answer before going there.

    Thank you for your time.


    Mr. Kerry Kennard

  • JordanMarlez
    edited August 2022

    Hi Morgan,

    I'm sorry but I would like to edit my initial participation, but it seems I didn't receive any confirmation email after having received visual confirmation it was OK. I also had the edit link for several days in my browser tab I didn't close.

    But now Google forms proposes me to enter a brand new participation instead of showing the edit link, although it should have kept my previous information, right?

    Looks like my participation got discarded. :-( Should I submit a new one then?

    Kind regards,


    P.S. what was the email subject? In case there was no "bridgerton" or "Spitfire" inside?

  • Hi,

    I did not receive the confirmation email, it has been quite some time after me filling in the form.

    Should I hand in another form with the same email?

    Thank you

    Kind regards,


  • "We can only accept one entry per person and one person per entry"

    If I'm part of a musical group, and we make something together, can the group name count as one person? Ex. Could the Beatles submit as "The Beatles" or would they have to pick John or Paul as the submitter? :)

  • Hello @thenovelcomposer, yes, you are more than welcome to adjust levels in your submission to your liking. Please do keep in mind that this competition is not being judged on the mix of your cue. It is judged solely on the composition itself.

  • Hello @Offisrocker, as long as you have included the correct hashtag (#mybridgertonscore) with no spelling errors, and you have submitted your entry via Google Forms, your submission will indeed by judged!

  • Hello @Kennard, I would say that it would be permissible for you to change the file format as needed in order to run the video in Dorico. Go for it!