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  • I was just curious,

    Is there a place where I can hear the original cue?

  • Or at least the season/episode number where I can see it on Netflix? Thanks

  • Hello Spitfire community,

    I've downloaded the session stem, however I'm getting an error in my DAW stating the file is unplayable due to it being corrupt or not licensed. Can someone help me please? I really want to compose for this competition.

    Thank you!


  • I Daniel

    You need ainstall a codec K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1710_Basic. I have same problem and this work. if you need more help please contact again. Link to https://www.codecguide.com/ . Mário

  • For those asking about the original score. The Bridgerton series is available on Netflix and the scene can be found as the opening to episode 5 season 1.

  • Nico
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    @daniel_jam87 Like Mário said below, it's likely to be a codec issue. There however can be a number of reasons why you may receive that error, they're listed and explained here on Ableton's support site: https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209774325--The-file-could-not-be-read-It-may-be-corrupt-or-not-licensed-

  • Is the clip meant to be Texted or Textless? The one Kris and Paul were using in the Launch was Textless, yet the download is Texted. Just wondering if that is correct?

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    Hi @Timon, I take it you're referring to the Bridgerton title card with the tree in the video? If so, the version with the text you have downloaded is indeed the correct one. The one in Paul's video must have been an earlier version of the video that didn't include that. Not to worry, the videos downloaded from our website are the correct ones.

  • I have overcome all the hurdles and posted my Bridgerton Entry on You Tube. But the #MyBridgertonScore is not being picked up.

  • ALitvack
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  • Hello,

    I didn't check well my export so I had to remove my youtube video then I create a new one in youtube and I fill a new form on the Spitfire page. Now I don't know how to cancel the first one.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

  • Morgan (she/they)
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    Hello @Offisrocker, @EtienneMialet, I've just replied to your same question in the FAQ thread!

  • Bridgeton problem

    I have downloaded the movie files.Am using reaper but the audio is intermittent and the video keeps freezing.The video plays ok on my pc outside of the Daw.Without the video I can get the audio to work ok.However, together it just won’t happen.

  • Do you have VLC Media player installed? That is what I had to install to be able to play videos in Reaper.

    Hope that helps!


  • Cheers for that.I’ll look into it.

  • Have tried VLC.As a stand-alone still keeps stopping and starting.However, in my Quick-time player the video runs ok.Somehow I need to be able to get the quick-time player(although it possibly defaults to quick-time in reaper) to act in reaper as it acts as a stand-alone application.Confusing.

  • mikemuncher
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    I apologize if I missed an answer to this in a scan of the discussions:

    I am using Reaper to work on this score, and I happened to rewatch Paul's getting started video. It seems there are two separate audio tracks (vocal and foley/fx) as he imports into Logic, but there is only one in Reaper. Have I done something wrong?

    Thank you for the opportunity for the answer!

    EDIT: I watched further and got my answer. Thank you, and I will see myself out.

  •  My pc is rather antiquated.3G RAM CPU 2.66 GHZ.However did music synch to video with the same set up about 15 years ago with Cakewalk.Are these specs not big enough for the project.Surely you should be told the minimum specifications by the people organising the competition.

  • Hi.

    in the help video Paul say to write in the video description the hashtag #MyBridgertonScore, and in the video it is wothout the '#' .

    Can you confirm this?

    Thank you.


  • I can't find my entry at https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/mybridgertonscore on YouTube. I have set hashtags and when I click on it I don't see my entry. Filled out the Google form on Spitfire Audio but I can't find my entry among all the submissions.

    Can someone help me?

  • Hello.

    I need help to understand why @MyBridgertonScore video (with music) appears without music when uploaded in YouTube...


  • Hello @gianluca_viola @Trajan64, can you please make sure your videos are definitely set to public?

    In terms of your entries, as long as you submitted the form with your name and email and the youtube link, your video will be seen and judged as we will get to it directly from the youtube link you provided, so no worries there.

    @JacquesB this is being discussed in the FAQ thread. Can you please make sure the video is not set to be monetised please. And please also check that it's not an issue with the audio format you exported, see here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/58134?hl=en-GB

  • More precisely : the file of my project @MyBridgerton (video-voice track and music) appears without the music but with the voice track. Can I send the music track for the competition ? I'm in big trouble with this, trying to get information on this problem.


  • Problem resolved ! More things to learn on Logic Pro !