BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is now FREE!

No survey. No wait. Just the world-famous orchestra at your fingertips, magically squeezed into just 200MB for any PC or Mac.

An inspiring gateway into orchestral composition, BBC SO Discover features the same professional recording quality as both the Core and Professional editions.

Download now:


  • Fantastic! I'll make sure to spread the word.

  • Add to Cart button doesn't seem to be working....

  • hi bbc is not install garageband what ı should need?

  • I wanted to thank Christian et al for making this fantastic orchestral plug-in available for free. It is heartwarming in this age of selfish money grabbing by all and sundry that you have made this available for free to all us impoverished but committed musicians. Would that I could afford the Pro version but since I do very little orchestral scoring I couldn't possible justify nigh on a thousand pounds.

    Having said that the Core version might just be achievable if I ask friends and family to help for my birthday in March. The template is also incredibly valuable as setting up such a thing for an orchestra does take a long time and really helps to get a feel for how one might use this to score for a real orchestra. I've only just downloaded it but I can already see that the weekend is booked solid getting to grips with it. Again sincere gratitude to all concerned :)