can any daw do this?

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i would like to play a triad chord progression into a track and record the midi data.

then highlight the high midi notes and send them to an instrument, highlight the mid midi notes and send them to a second instrument, then highlight the low midi notes and send them to a third instrument.

any suggestions? if you know of anything please let me know and post the instructions on how to do it here.

hoping for a daw that can do this easily. kinda how cubase allows you to split the notes into colors but just then sending them to a different instrument in an instrument rack.


  • I mean, if you're using a multichannel instrument in Cubase, you could go and assign MIDI channels to the notes in the List editor or (potentially) use the logical editor and map it to a macro/keycommand/controller.

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    Not exactly, but you could get close in Ableton Live using Racks and the Midi Scale effect to set ranges and degrees of a scale to filter notes to plugins:

    Say 1st, 3rd, 5th go to one instrument, 2nd, 4th, go to another and 6th goes to both.

    Here's a quick example: BBC SO & LABS in an instrument rack together. Each chain has a 'Scale' midi effect that allows you to select/filter notes in a given scale to pass through the chain to plugin. So here in a C Major scale C C# E G G# B go to LABS Piano, D D# F F# A A# go to BBCSO. You could add in note ranges in the rack so anything below C3 doesn't go to LABS, etc. Then automate the Scale base to match the progression.

  • As far as I know, you can't split notes within the same track and send them to different instruments. But what I usually do in these situations is to duplicate the track a couple times. Then in the piano roll editor, I highlight and delete the notes from each of the three tracks until I have each chord voicing on its own track. It's not really much more effort than what you've described, and much more flexible.

    If you wanted to do this live, you might be best off splitting the keyboard (if your keyboard has this ability) and sending the parts to different channels in your DAW. This would effectively accomplish what you want.

  • I’d have to put my thinking cap on to figure how to do this in real time, but in Logic it’s fairly simple to do after the fact, and there are a couple of different ways. If midi channel is X, “select all”, “select highest note”, “set midi channel to Y”; “select all”, “select lowest note”, “set midi channel to Z”.

    You’ll then need to create a new multichannel “staff style” to have them display as you like.

  • @Heather - Live lets you split if you group instruments into a 'Rack'. Here's a demo of splitting notes as described above and note ranges across two instruments on the same midi track. Note LABS is C3 and above only, BBCSO is B3 and below only,

  • this is close to what i have been doing which sparked the question.

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