Problem with Orchestral Grand and sustain pedal

I finaly managed to get the library installed but the sustain pedal kills the sound. Any time I press it I have to delete and re-load the instrument in kontakt.

No other library does that, symphonic organ, Originals felt piano, my Eastwest pianos or any other instrument.

Is someone else having the same issue ? I can read that spitfire libraries have problems handling sustain pedals. I tried a multiscript in kontakt that should solve sustain pedal issues in any spitfire library but it doesn't fix the problem.

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    @dirty_and_nasty this sounds like a problem we are already aware of. I'll raise a ticket for you and a member of our team can send you the updated patch.

  • @42PROD open the configuration panel (gear on the top right) and set polifony to 256, for me this setting resolve the problem!


  • Thank you Angus !

  • Goodmorning Everyone,

    It's sounds like i have exactly the same problem with FireWood & Felt Piano

    What sould i do ?

    Kind regards


  • Same problem with Felt Piano, I also opened a topic for this

  • @42PROD are you able to share a bit more detail about your experience (e.g. how is it triggered)?

    @robertomataluni I have responded to your other thread.

    In both cases, these are separate issues to the OP as they involve different plugins.

  • I have a similar issue with Abbey Road 1, the first time I use the sustain pedal everything is as it should be however after a couple of presses the stings sound as if they have been out through a phaser which completely destroys the sound.

    if I stop playing and press the pedal a couple of times but the issue always comes back after a couple of presses of the sustain pedal………. A very frustrating issue.

  • @PeteH1853 I've created a Zendesk ticket for you and one of our agents will be in touch to discuss this with you via email directly. There should not be any phasing, so we will endeavour to troubleshoot this with your particular system setup.

  • I have the same problem with Orchestral Grand. Pedal seems to be cutting the sound. Do you know if a patch for this issue exists? @Angus

  • The support provided me a patch that I didn't try at the moment (I gave up and used EW bechstein + I changed all my ssds and had to reinstall all libraries so i've been lazy fixing the problem) but I found out that the problem is only in Cubase. If I use Kontakt in Reaper Orchestral Grand seems to work as intended. It doesn't help me a lot as I need it in my cubase templates but maybe someone will understand where the problem comes from with that information ? Personaly I don't understand why.

    Maybe the way ccs are handled in both softs ?