BBC-SO Discover Template: Cakewalk by Bandlab

Yes - Cakewalk still exists and is still a very capable DAW. It went dark for a bit when Bandlab acquired the IP but they're still iterating on updates and bug-fixes at a decent cadence.

I've had a crack at putting together a basic BBC-SO Discover template for CbB. Why? To prove that I could, but also because the versions of BBC-SO templates for Cakewalk are either for the Core and Pro versions, so they contain stuff that might lead you to think you're using features in BBC-SO:D that you might not actually have.

One neat thing that also created a minor inconsistency is the Drum Map feature I implemented using some of the same paradigms from the full BBC-SO template for Cakewalk. All untuned percussion instruments accept input via Middle C on the keyboard of your choice. (Cakewalk - being American - believes middle C is labelled C5. I've documented the Drum Maps that do the Middle-C thing according to Cakewalk's internal naming scheme, but we all know Middle C is C4!)

Anyway - in order to make that key-mapping trick work, I've had to split the MIDI tracks away from the BBC-SO instruments. If anyone knows of a way for me to keep everything in its own instrument and maintain the same key-mapping functionality, please let me know!

There's mix-buses for each instrument group (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Un-tuned Percussion, Tuned Percussion), sends on all tracks to Reverb and Delay buses, and I've set up articulation maps for the 5 articulations available in this library.

Any questions - please ask. Any suggestions and advice on how I can make this better, let me know!