Spitfire Solo Cello stuck to only playing pizzicato?

Hello! Today I purchased and downloaded the total performance cello. After doing the usual kontakt processes, I fire it up in logic. When I play a note, it only seems to trigger pizzicato articulations. If i'm not mistaken, the vibrato control when lowered all the way would trigger this articulation, right? No matter what position it is in, it still only plays pizzicato stabs. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


  • Hello there!

    Try assigning your vibrato controller to another CC then move the new fader around. Does it still do the pizzicato?

  • Hey thanks for the response! I tried opening logic without the controller plugged in and moved the level around manually and still got no changes. Not sure if that would more or less be the same experiment in your theory, though.

  • So, I just loaded an instance of Cello Total Performance to see if something had changed recently. I can confirm, using CC21 (vibrato control) will trigger pizz. at it's lowest setting. Increasing CC21 slightly will trigger tremolos, and increasing further will trigger the vibrato legatos.

  • Thank you for clarifying this! So now I know this isn't an issue regarding like a preset or something. The problem is still persistent though no matter where i have the vibrato control

  • I'm having this same issue and no amount of reassigning, moving, or altering the vibrato setting by hand takes it out of pizz mode

  • Same here. I literally just bought it, and only bought it for this patch and it's been broken for at least 9 months?! Is there no update from Spitfire?