Anyone else following the Darkstar Haunted House competition updates?

They extended the judging period until March 15th. Additionally, I could've sworn that they previously stated they would leave a comment on each YouTube video confirming that they listened to it. I can't find that in the Rules or FAQ at the moment.

Does anyone know if this was changed?

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  • mattboone
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    If it's anything like the Stargirl competition, they wound up with too many entries to comment on each one without triggering spam alerts or something like that.

  • Sarah
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    Hi @Estevan thanks for your post! Yes, as @mattboone said we were (happily) overwhelmed with the number of submissions which caused us to extend the judging period. Due to YouTube's spam limits we are unable to comment on all videos we received thus making us forgo commenting on any submissions.


  • Thanks. That explains things.

  • Out of curiosity, will an email still be sent out confirming that a submission was listened to?

  • Estevan
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  • Hello everyone over there... I would like to know about the results of the Darkstar Haunted House competition (2022), since these results have been postponed several times, as has been said, due to the high number of musical works presented. It was understood that everything would be ready on April 3, but nothing is known yet... Thanks and regards again... 🙋🏻‍♂️🇲🇽

  • I posted this response elsewhere:

    They said they would make an announcement on their social media sites. They only made an announcement on Instagram by sharing one 24hr story from Darkstar.

    So basically the announcement only lasted 24hrs on a Sunday. They did not share details anywhere else. I do not recall the names of the people listed on that. So now we can't know who won unless they come out and say so.

    They didn't even update the contest page with winners as the rules state they will.

    This contest did not go well for them and I have doubts about their contests in the future.