Monogram Console

Hello, I know several people use the Monogram Controller with Spitfire and other libraries. I'm thinking of investing in one. My concern is that, since it will be imported from the US to the UK, that I might be landed with Import/Customs/VAT charges. Can anyone who has fairly recently got one from the US let me know if they had to pay any UK charges on delivery? Thanks

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  • I'm in the US and when I purchased mine it shipped from Canada which is where Monogram is located.

  • Thanks Russell. I didn't know it was from Canada but I guess my question still applies - will there be taxes to pay on import to the UK. I'm beginning to think there will be but not sure and what amount.

  • I live close to where Monogram is located in Ontario, Canada. I have to say, after watching the video's online from CH I was sold. I got one as a gift for Christmas, The Traveller (nice gift to get from my lovely wife and girl).

    Did you end up getting the controller? If so, how do you like it and what config are you using?

  • Yes, I got one and there was no problem with Taxes etc. I also got the Traveller. I really like it. Very well made and easy to use. FWIW I adapted one of the profiles on their site to my own needs. If you use Logic you are welcome to a copy - attached.

  • Thanks very much for the info. I use a PC and Cubase for my music compositions, but I appreciate you sending this to me. I found that the multiple profile switching is super handy with this tech.

    Happy composing. Dave

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking of buying the monogram console too.

    So you confirm that you have not paid any import taxes? I am from Italy. It's EU I don't think it changes much, right?

    How much did they charge you for shipping? at the moment they want me to pay about 30 € for shipping. After how many weeks did the product arrive to you? When you ordered it, did it say "Pre-Order" on the site? Thanks!