What should spitfire do next?

Everyone always loves yelling at what others should be doing, so I wanted to hear out what sort of libraries you think Spitfire should make next?

I personally am still waiting for that fully fledged generic choir, since ewc is a bit too expensive and kinda niche sounding. Would be cool to get an AR1 choir or something similar (yea I know it would also probably be expensive)

And also I always wanted to hear their take on guitars, as in acoustic and electric. Can never have too many guitars!



  • Something like symphonic motions but with choirs would just be 🤤

  • I was thinking exactly the same! I hope they'll make more choir/vocal libraries. I personally hope they make a "normal" choir for one of their Originals and, an epic Ark1/Oceania like choir and epic vocals would be amazing!

  • Exactly, this would be amazing! I think phrases like aaah, oooh would work. I just hope they'll have a dynamic range like ark 1. Maybe even a phrase builder like Hollywood Voices would be nice, altough I prefer a live recorded sound, without too much editing.

  • Yeah, include the ooh's and aah's but i mean actual lyrical phrases that sound like they are sung in Latin or something like that. A phrase builder would be great too.

    There are libraries like this already that i have but i would love to hear Spitfire's take on it :)

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  • A vintage orchestral series would be mind-blowing. The feel of the 50's / 60's strings are still unmatched to this day; that unpolished, nostalgic, romantic feel. As far as I know, no other sampler has done this style yet. I must add a 70's Motown string/brass section to that; definitely a more dynamic version than Big Fish Audio's version is needed out there!

  • Would love to see a Library, along the lines of Martin Ware, Olafur etc. by Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri. They both have great individual styles, plus it would be good to have another, more 'art rock' drum library than The Grange.

  • Personally, I'm still really up for a continuation of the HZ series. I think HZ brass would give us something which we've yet to have (and I have a lot of brass!). His horns reach a higher range than that of Symphonic Brass, and the aproach in positioning such as up in the gallery is highly influential to the sound achieved.

  • A Bollywood strings orchestra please!

  • I'm not sure if this would work, I mean it's not like they're specialised in hardware. What Spitfire does best is their libraries and I feel like they should keep their focus there. NI for instance makes worse orchestral libraries (in my opinion), but they do make good hardware.

  • I'd love a big band library. I've got Swing and Swing More and they're good, but I feel that the Spitfire quality you get from their products would raise it above the competition.

  • Actually now I think about it.

    Spitfire might need to take some time improving their dedicated plugin, since it really needs updating.

    Main things they need to improve are:

    1. The loading has to be less RAM heavy, if you compare this to kontakt, the plugin has to be less heavy
    2. Purging samples...
    3. The location of certain things in the UI
  • They dont necessarily have to be hardware producers. SA are great at collaborations so a collaboration with a hardware partner like Monogram would be amazing if they had a Spitfire branded device. Giving library owners a 25% discount off when purchasing a library would also work.

    There is a gap in the market for official affiliated branded devices out there. Maybe someone bigger like NI or Korg could get in on the action?

    Just a thought, who knows where things may head in the future and with MIDI 2.0, there is a world of possibility IMO

  • Although NI doesn´t really make their own libraries. They are made by different companies and just sold under NI´s name. They already embraced the "lets just make hardware and synths" model

  • I always thought it might be a great idea to create an Originals - Intimate Brass & Woodwinds to compliment the Epic B&W (same as with the epic strings and intimate strings). I actually like using the Originals series a lot! I'm still saving up to buy the Scoring bundle, as an new-comer to the media composition world, Originals was the perfect first purchase for my journey*. However I have felt limited with the brass (it is EPIC after all, which it does really well when you want to really punch up the score). So I feel an "Intimate" version will make this a truly powerful collection!

    Then perhaps bundling them together as The Originals Orchestra?!

    Featuring: Intimate Stings, Epic Strings, Cinematic percussion and Epic Brass & Woodwinds (and then Intimate Brass & Woodwinds)

    This combined with one of the many great pianos of Spitfire, you actually have an amazing scoring kit for a fair price! A no-brainer for anyone looking for their first payed Library :)

  • There are. I've got East West's Hollywood Choir, which has this facility. It's a useful but decidedly imperfect tool as can be illustrated by the fact that yesterday I spent the best part of four hours trying to get it to pronounce 'one' correctly. I'd love to see Spitfire do this as I think they'd do a much better job.

  • As mentioned in the similar thread (https://community.spitfireaudio.com/discussion/47/wish-list) I'd love to see:

    • A lyrical Soprano Sax (played in Lyndhurst Hall) as a nice alternative to the usual double reed solo lines (think James Horner's Sneakers score).
    • An Orchestral Tools / Mark Wherry SAM style bounce mode in the sample player, so one can bounce down a favourite mix for various sections to massively save on RAM and disk access.
    • Longer Staccato Strings (or how about a system similar to the brass shorts with Tenurto and Marcato available, ideally then also matching in legnth between instruments); more a general thing I don't seem to get along with the libraries released since the past 5 years, is that the staccatos are in my opinion far too short (and stretching with time machine sounds, well as expected and layering with Longs doesn't really work too well with say the Solo Strings).

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  • Reorganize and upgrade Albion IV Uist

  • Spitfire's Eric Whitacre choir sounds so much better. If it had phrase building as well...it would be unbeatable.

  • What I really miss in spifire's product range are systematically recorded and playable glissandi for strings. Not in a horror way, no clusters, just clear unisono glissandi in 3-4 different dynamics, multiple intervals, directions, speeds and playing techniques (sustain, tremolo, harmonics, pizzicato...). This could be useful for many different genres like drama, art house, avant garde, comedy (not only horror). Why not also include trombones, clarinets and other wind instruments as well?

    I know there are some patches in Albion IV, Albion Neo, Kepler Orchestra, Labs Eletric Cello quartet, the list goes on, but either they have cluster glissandi or they only have one interval (in one direction) to offer, which isn't flexible enough imho.

  • Some excellent ideas here. I'd totally vote for a cheaper choir (EW is even a bit pricey when it's on offer), reworking the Kontakt libraries into Spitfire's own interface (e.g. Albion One), and please, please, please can we have more drama toolkits - but ones where we can edit the velocities?