When is the next competition?

Hello, when will there be another competition?

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    Hi @Jason_Webster32 all competitions will be announced on our social media pages, so be sure to follow along to be alerted when new competitions are announced.


  • Hello Jason, I don't know when Spitfire Audio's next competition will take place but on the Metapop site there are many competitions in several different genres of music. Registration is free https://metapop.com/
    Have a good day !

  • Hi Loic17, Thank you very much for this helpful response I really appreciate it, I was just curious to when Spitfire will hold another competition because towards the end of last year they held multiple competitions one after another, it was an exciting year end for me, I failed the Marchelle Vincent competition because I couldn't write music to him, it was a genre of music which was too alien for me.

    I have taken part in some smaller competitions while I build my experience up, I don't enter these competitions to win, I enter them to learn something new, every competition I enter I feel like I get progressively better, winning would be like eating the cherry on the top of the ice cream I've already eaten.

    again thank you for your time and help, have a lovely weekend!