Pianobook Forum not working....

Out of frustration I'm posting here to find out if anyone actually maintains the Pianobook Forum as it's broken and has been since launch it seems, doesn't look good on SA as it's one of their babies, many can't reply to Posts and no involvement from any Admin/Mods even when the issues are pointed out to them!

It's kind of a shame as there are members who want to participate more but just give up as it is so badly coded (bbPress!) nothing really works as it should, can't even set an Avatar, the Sub page doesn't even work!

Can someone please take a look from SA?

Maybe ask on the Forum if members would like to maintain the site on a regular basis, as I would gladly help out and I'm sure others would as well.

It could be a great source of Information and Community Spirit but it's more like a Ghost Town, go and have a look if you don't believe me, there's only a few regular posters that persist with the problems as they want to make it a good place but as I'm sure many just give up, as it is so frustrating to use and I'm posting this as a last hope call as I'm about to give up as well.

I'm a relative new member but just looking at older posts the issues are consistently negative....