Problem #MyHauntedHouseScore

Hello, this is my first post here my name is Loïc,

sorry for my English which is not very good! I have a problem,

 my video for the #MyHauntedHouseScore contest does not appear in the # page on youtube,

I'm talking about this page here ( )

I had wrong email address when I filled out the form I modified my error but I have the impression that it does not work. Here is my link that I posted last night :

Thanks for your help !

Best Answer

  • There could be multiple problems here,

    1. I think its the obvious, but there seems to be about 350 videos, it will probably be quite hard to find yours in the hashtag. Your entry should be judged if you filled out the form. The hashtag is only for sharing with others what your creation.
    2. I certainly can't find my videos even with the hashtags, but I usually put my hashtags at the bottom of the description. I don't think it makes a difference, but you can try it if you'd like


  • Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse Londoneye330, j'ai également mis mes hashtags en bas de la description lorsque j'ai téléchargé la vidéo.

    Oui vous avez raison je pense que ma candidature a été prise en compte J'ai reçu un mail confirmant que le formulaire a été validé.

    Merci beaucoup Londoneye330 de m'avoir répondu ! Passe une bonne soirée !

  • Thank you very much for your response Londoneye330, I also put my hashtags in the bottom of the description when I uploaded the video. Yes you are right I think my application was taken into account I received an email confirming that the form was validated. Thank you very much Londoneye330 for answering me! Have a good evening !

  • De rien Loïc ! Bienvenue à Spitfire Audio. Si vous avez plus de questions, je peux essayer de répondre. Je suis un étudiant français immersion alors ma grammaire n'est pas si professionnelle ou bon 😅 mais j'essaie.

    Très intéressant comment on peut voir la communauté de Spitfire Audio touche les gens à quatre coins.

    A bientôt !

  • hello londoneye330 thank you very much! excuse me I was wrong I answered you in French lol! no problem your french is better than my english. I really need to get back to learning English! Spitfire is really excellent, their products are really masterful and the community really great! See you soon Londoneye I hope to have the opportunity to listen to your music! See you soon !