Pierre Verrette

edited February 2022 in Competitions

Hi... since it is gonna be my first time entry, I would like to know how you add pictures of the clip Darkstar Haunted House in your youtube post, because I see it in every post ?

Thanks for your help.



  • Hello!

    If you are talking about community posts, you need over 500 subscribers to do this (and a few other finer details)

    I personally don't do community posts so you may have to search it up.

    However, if you are talking about thumbnails, you can do so on your YouTube upload page.

    If you have uploaded it already and you would like to change your thumbnail, it is under video details -> under the video description.

    It should be in a similar spot if you are about to upload it:

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi... thank you for your help...

    The thumbnails: This is was I was looking for.