Information on the Darkstar scoring competition?

I'm not active on social media and sounds like this is the only place there is information on links, rules entry details.

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  • Quick question - if one doesn’t own this library, do you have to purchase it or is all the material for the contest provided up front and free. I don’t mind either way 30 bucks isn’t much of an entry fee imo but id like to get some clarification.

  • It does say to use the Darkstar library predominantly

  • Here’s my attempt. Completely darkstar minus a small tea towel drum segment 🤙🏼

  • Yes, I believe you have to purchase the library. I was on the fence with this one, though I usually gobble up all the $29 SA Recordings and Originals libraries. I bought this one the other day (predominantly for this competition), and was pleasantly surprised that most of the patches are very usable and really great.

  • Good job Michael B. Nice towel work!: )

    Yep - I think you need to buy the library for this - I was on the fence about this one too but I managed to come up with a deeply creepy 40 second chord sequence yesterday (loop that x3 and I'm home) and the changes hit enough of the bits in the video to look like I planned it; )

    Now I of course have to "finish" it and am looking for weird/cool noises to "orchestrate" and add interest to it- guess that means am going to be in the game for this one (off to the main site for me: ). Thanks Michael for demonstrating, and Andrew for confirming, that there are some cool sounds waiting for me!

  • Ooh - I like it - exactly what I was after! For those out there who are panickers like me, don't worry, it's not broken - you need to click the middle of the reverb wheel to bring up the options to change attack release delay etc!

  • So I took the plunge too and purchased this library. I was on the fence as this is clearly marketing intended to sell the library. That’s one way to increase profits haha. It’s all good - it’s worth the money. It’s a great addition to my studio. Ok now I need to find some time to put a submission together. Good luck folks!

  • Thanks all - I guess I never thought to look on the actual product page !! I watched the walkthrough and seems like a lot of usable patches. I agree with there is a marketing factor, but I'm totally good with that and for 29.00 how can you go wrong? The only 29.00 library I was disappointed in was Raven Bush Moonglades.

    Nice Job in the scoring Michael B. Oliva !!

  • Hi @KristoferAlanParker

    Yes, you will need to purchase the library - the library is not provided.

  • Here's my attempt - every sound made using the Haunted House library.

  • Having listened to some entries I think I may have shot myself in the foot here 🤣 but the video (more like a music video?) screamed lyrics at me so here is my take on it:

    btw I'm glad I got that library. I will definitely use it often.

  • I made my entry for the darkstar competition, but i will surely not gonna be counted because i didnt use the darkstar plugin (i bought it but my DAW couldnt find it or recognize it) so i made the score just to do something and experiment making atmospheres, i hope you like it

  • Did anyone get an email confirmation after submitting? I submitted last week but still haven't received anything, even in junk/spam.

  • I had the same question. It would be nice to know if my entry was received (first time entering one of these!).

  • Just for fun, here's my entry. All Haunted House sounds except one patch from LABS Atmos library,

  • @TomBasri @Ralphjmus I haven't got a confirmation either. Also, it says that once the submission is listened to there will be a comment left on the video. Looking back at other competitions in the past, I never got such comment under my entry, which makes me wonder...

  • Hi All,

    Here is my entry. Everything except string section, and rim shoots is from the Haunted House library. I'd find that all sounds mix really well together. It's so cool to buy a product that you might normally not consider, and find it really inspiring. I'll definitely be using this in the future, especially as ambient layers, love the depth and how nicely you can modulate the sounds. This library adds exactly the right amount of melancholy to a dark music.

    Good luck to all x

  • Anyone else following the Darkstar Haunted House competition updates?

    They extended the judging period until March 15th. Additionally, I could've sworn that they previously stated they would leave a comment on each YouTube video confirming that they listened to it. I can't find that in the Rules or FAQ at the moment.

    Does anyone know?

  • I didn't hear back from Spitfire. Man, I really thought I had this one. Here is my submission. I'm very pleased with it.

  • FredericSchneider67
    edited March 2022

    Hey here is my entry

    I only use DarkStar library !

  • It looks like there won't be any scheduled announcement today, March 20th?