Christians Logic Pro Controller Assignment video


I recall seeing a very helpful video where Christian was digging deep into Logic and showing us how to set up controller settings in the Controller Assignment window in Logic.

I have been scouring youtube up and down and I cannot find it.

Does anyone have the faintest clue on what I am talking about and can perhaps lead me in the right direction?

Much thanks,



  • This is the "canonical" Spitfire controller video that springs to mind, but I think he only looks at controller assignments in the Spitfire plug-ins: A more config-oriented video is this, though he's working in an app that supports a new bit of hardware rather than in Logic itself: (about 5 mins in.)

    I thought Logic's controller assignment window was pretty niche, for applying controllers to UI elements outside the usual plug-in/channel parameters e.g., but as a result I've never used it so could easily be wrong :-)