The 12 Scores of Christmas - GIVEAWAY!



  • I don´t see any winner on today for #12ScoresOfChristmas challenge in the instagram page... I am new to this SM, maybe I´m missing something.(Monday winner was already posted at this hour)

  • I have already listen to it , now it is on. Nice one¡

  • Yesterday's winner for those who haven't seen, couldn't find on YouTube so twitter link below.

    Love how fast paced it is, so much going on, superb!

    (hyperlink giving weird exclamation mark, so pasting here too)

  • I've actually made a flipping Twitter account now, hahaha. Spitfire made me fire up a youtube account and create a twitter account. I must be desperate! 🤣

    Nah, I'm just enjoying this all and see where it takes us. I think, I've stopped being hip some 20 years ago or so.

    Yeah, that was a rather exciting clip from Claire there. Very clever and plenty of action for a Christmas minute. 😃

    I still hope that maybe Angus will post a compiled list of them all here by the end of it. That would be brilliant!

  • If you find that the platform is better, they post the same thing on Instagram. I'm not a social media person either, I prefer youtube, but I find twitter better than IG.

    So far I found some nice submissions in the winners list, with some creative videos.

  • Taron
    edited December 2021

    Ah, yeah, na Instagram is really only good for mobile and horrible on the desktop. And I- drum rolls, please- don't have any mobile device, neither cell nor tablet! I just refuse them all the way to my core, just don't need or want them.

    So, yeah, Twitter is actually almost kind of nice. It's fairly harmless thus far! 😁

    SWEET, Kristján won the big gift card, that's awesome! I totally dig his submission, it's brilliant! 🤣👍️

  • Well, so far only pieces with videos have won, especially people who recorded themselves dancing or making funny faces. They should have stated in advance that they preferred videos if it was the case.

  • Agree there seems to be a lot of emphasis on video production/editing vs composition. I don’t think that was the original intent. However, human nature wanting to watch silly goofy videos with decent compositions will win every time over really good compositions with static video. They also know they will get more views and likes this way - thus a better overall marketing strategy.

  • Taron
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    It's all fun and games and should be, too. I've kind of given up to understand how these things are meant to work, but instead realize that it is just like life itself: Create something great and it will find its place. We should never treat musical competitions like a sport. It isn't! I'm only ever worried that talented, passionate artists get discouraged for the wrong reasons. Always remember why you are making music, not why you've joined a competition! If the reason had anything to do with winning something other than the hearts of those, who enjoy your creation or even get inspired by it, well..., remember it is and should always be about your music!

    This is how I talk myself down, too! 🤣

  • CiroChia
    edited December 2021
    Thanks Spitfire for this opportunity which I only discovered yesterday !!
    However, this is my job. I accept comments!
    I created this short piece thanks to these fantastic libraries from Spitfire Audio:
    BBCSO Core (Piccolo, Flute and Strings);
    LABS Christmas (Glockenspiel, Whistles and Sleigh Bells;
    Albion Neo 1.2 (Woods High) 
    DAW: Steinberg Cubase Pro 11
    Happy Holidays!!

  • Hi everybody, here's my entry. I know, it's way too long, absolutly not Christmasy, and it doesn't stand comparison with other amazing orchestral works. And yet... here's the link:

    I used three Spitfire Audio libraries (soft piano, trumpet fields, and hand bells) and I guess that, in tha back of my mind, I was somehow inspired by Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven.

    Any comment, good or bad, will be much appreciated.

    PS: I really admire (and envy) your incredible craft of producing orchestral pieces



  • Wow I missed the boat on this one!

    oh well, I love spitfire and my fellow composers so I’m gonna just share a video I filmed from the top of a mountain ridge overlooking a gentle winter river in Yellowstone National Park!

    the cue is taken from a larger ambient piece I wrote entitled “Love in Every Way”, featuring Albion V