When do you reckon we'll get a comprehensive Abbey Road Symphony library?

I'm an absolute sucker for William's Harry Potter scores and I absolutely love the sound of the current Spitfire Abbey Road stuff.

I know we're getting these cool piecemeal libraries at the moment but I wonder: do you reckon we'll get a full orchestral library a-la Albion ONE, BBCSO (Prof) etc. for the Abbey Road orchestra at some point in the near future?

I know we have Orchestral foundations which sounds insanely good but obviously isn't as comprehensive as a BBCSO for example.

I can easily see an Abbey Road Symphony collection being the literal go-to for any professional composer - I'm talking a £1-2k library that competes with Spitfire Symphony etc.

Personally I can't see it happening for a little while yet while the partnership is still pretty young, but a guy can dream.


  • Paul Thomson already said, when he introduced Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations, that they will release a comprehensive library which will be the most deeply sampled one to date. However it's difficult for them to record the players due to covid restrictions.

    As to when they will release it: no clue, but it's definitely in the works.

  • Hi @Eliot

    Yes, we're a long way off the Orchestral Library due to the pandemic, but do keep a close eye on our socials for future Abbey Road content. Paul announced this so that customers knew we weren't going to limit the Abbey Road content to ensembles only.

  • Argh. I was hoping this December you guys would surprise us with a full release. Oh well. Fingers crossed!

  • I would like to ask the same thing , i'd like to see at least high strings with legato/portamento , trills 2nd/3rd , col legno... then it's a good buy all around. Flautendo/sul tasto would be nice too , plus with the high-low split there's no overlap with the other detailed symphonic libraries.

    Another thing, from what i read legato in ARO so far is fixed speed (in the additional libraries), so it is lacking as it is imho, and i hope i can speak for others that can't/won't buy the whole spitfire audio range to cover my needs!

    Another important thing for me is ensemble libraries with no auto-divisi that you multiply the players with keyboard mode (eg. long notes) , there's goes the realism & immersion and the sense of space is also diminished which is as far as AR is concerned it's a sonic weapon, great sound. Even if you don't have access to all sections in detail an auto-divisi patch for strings-brass-ww would be most suitable for Abbey i think unlike Albion which is more of a hybrid orchestra tool as C.H. says, but idk how the samples are recorded and if it's possible to do this now.

    Q: If i buy AR collection , will i have feature additions for free?

  • Yeah I seriously doubt they’re going to give you the entirety of the rest of the collection for free if you buy the smaller collection now. Anyone?

  • calebjtoth
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    Agreed. I don't think they would, nor should they. Making these libraries costs money. The current cost of the collection is based off of what it cost to produce the libraries that we have right now. Anything additional will and should cost more, because the work that these musicians and Spitfire do is valuable. They do the work, they deserve to be paid for their work.

  • @bittingbits Thanks for the feedback. I hope the Ensemble editor in Abbey Road Two shows you how we can potentially use auto-divisi in future products. If you buy the Abbey Road One collection, you will get a collection discount (upgrade) on any future releases included (Abbey Road Selections).

  • Hi,

    I'm also curious and a little confused regarding this question myself. I'm also someone holding my breath regarding the Abbey Road-series.

    Will the final comprehensive "Abbey Road Orchestra" be released as a separate release (example BBC SO Pro-style) or will it just "complete" the Abbey Road Foundation / Collection at some point? (By this I mean adding articulations and instruments into the same plugin.)

    I'm really close to pushing the purchase button on the Abbey Road Collection right as we speak, but I'm not interested in owning a "limited" Foundation and then have to purchase a separate complete "Abbey Road Orchestra" in the future, if they indeed will be two separate products / plugins.

    However, IF the plan is to just slowly complete the AR Collection with the full Orchestra (including all the articulations, solos etc etc), then I might fire away in preparation as well as hopefully receive some kind of generous discount on the final complete product.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with this specific luxury dilemma? 🙄

    Paul and Christian, we need answers! 😅

  • I can’t speak for Spitfire as I’m just a customer like you. I purchased Abbey Road One and all of the expansion packs to date. Spitfire has taken a modular approach to this library and I can imagine it will eventually be a full orchestra, maybe even more comprehensive that say BBSCO, that can be purchased eventually as a whole or individual elements. Spitfire, in my opinion, has a great upgrade/crossgrade policy as demonstrated by their other product offerings. I would think those that purchased the Foundations and expansion packs will be offered a discount on the complete package if or when that becomes a thing.

    That's just my thoughts on it as I too am interested on where AR eventually goes.

  • Hi @Soundthrills,

    I cannot discuss any details about future products and how they might sit within our current collections structure. What I will say is, you will pay the difference for any new products (with a Collection discount) on any new products added to a collection you already own. In other words, you will not receive the products for free if they are added.

    So what you could do is purchase the Selections you require, and if any future libraries are added to the Collection, you can then either purchase the Collection (with a reduction for the products you already own), or purchase that product individually.

  • Hi @Angus !

    Thank you for your response.

    In the end I did opt in and bought the whole collection, simply because the sound quality is stunning and it's the sound I grew up with. Instant inspiration and I already used it on a trailer project in the first week!

    Let's just say that I'm excited about the future and hopeful that this project will be even deeper than BBC - a library that I already love. I just feel it didn't get the care it deserved.


  • Max Køngerskov
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    It looks to me as if they're only working on one library and then adding sections to it, I just bought a section to abbey road one foundations, the legendary low strings with legato, so, I don't think they will make another edition of abbey road one, the foundations are the spine and everything else will be additions to the main library (I believe) I can also add that the section I bought is opened from within the Abbey Road One Foundations plugin drop down menu, so it's nice it's not two different plugin windows you have to deal with.

  • @Max Køngerskov

    Yes it seems to be correct so far. I own the (in)complete collection so far and I really love it. My wish is just that they complete it with tons of content. :)

  • Buy the additional sections they offer to support the project, I think it will be amazing, I surely will buy all the sections for abbey road one.

  • I wonder if the announcement on Thursday July 21st is related to AR-1 Modular Orchestra Release ?