The Labs app doesn't install the samples folder.

It installs all the other folders needed, just not the samples folder. It only installed once when I installed my first instrument, and since then I didn't changed anything but the error still happens, and the only instrument that works does not appear at the installed section. I did not changed the content path at any given time.

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    Hi @arthurrr

    We had an issue with the LABS installer that was resolved by last Friday (5th Nov 2021). Do let me know here if the issue persist when you attempt to install another LABS product.


  • Hi Angus and Co.!

    Love LABS and many thanks. Alas, I am having the same issue. For me, it's with LA Atmos. Everything seems to download: Patches, Presets etc, but no Samples. The instrument appears in Labs plugin, with all the parameters, but no sound. Have reinstalled and repaired to no avail.

    Any assistance appreciated!

    ; D

  • mlepage
    edited December 2021

    This issue is still happening with 3.3.18, is there a newer release with the fix?

    A clean install then trying to use content path "C:\Data" DOES NOT WORK.

    A clean install with default content path DOES WORK.

    If I use the default content path, install an instrument, then move the content folder (and fix up the app setting and its file), then the app still says the instrument is installed and it does work (e.g. in Ableton Live 11).

    HOWEVER, a subsequent install of another instrument DOES NOT WORK, and suffers the same failure to use the Samples folder (which now exists). Even creating the Samples subfolder for the instrument, and trying to then repair it, DOES NOT WORK. It simply fails to properly install the samples if the content path is in C:\Data.

    Clearly there remains a bug somewhere in 3.3.18.

  • Hi @Davey_Moor and @mlepage

    I've created a Zendesk ticket for both of you so we can send you the latest App directly for you to test and see if that resolves the issue.