Best faders

Hi, I’m going to be purchasing my first set of faders soon, and I’m curious as to what is the absolute best for my money? I’ve been mainly considering the Korg nanokontrol2, as I’ve heard a lot of people recommend it, but the small fader length has been a real turnoff. I’m also considering the Behringer X-touch or X-touch compact which are both on a cyber week sale at Sweetwater. I really like the longer fader length and the fact that they’re motorized, but considering the drastically higher price than the Korg, is it worth it? I’m also thinking about the Monogram, as Christian has recommended it. Thanks for your help.


  • Softube Console 1 fader is fantastic and more than just control surface. Icon Pro Audio Platform M+ is also very good (while affordable) as are its bigger siblings Qcon Pro and Qcon Pro X