In FL Studio Is there a shorter way to reset all to BBC SO Pro and Keyswitch setting

I opened up a template of the BBC SO in FL Studio 20.8.4 Producer edition.

I noticed that all the instruments are set to the 'Core' version and the triggers are set to CC Range.

Instead of going through every instrument, switching to Pro and selecting keyswitch (as i'd like to), instead of CC Range for each articulation, is there a quicker way to do this?

I noticed that under Spitifre's 'Save' there is an option to apply this accross the rest of the Spitfire installations but no explanation detailing which aspect of the save would apply and whether it would affect other projects, potentially in other installed DAWs etc (eg Sibelius, Cubase) on the computer.

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  • Charlie@Spitfire
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    Hi Joshua.

    If this is a template obtained via Spitfire, it does appear we only have a Core version available for FL Studio on our The Page, this will be why all of the patches are set up for Core.

    I'm afraid there is no quick way to switch each patch's mode and articulation trigger, this will need to be set on a per patch basis. The 'Copy Settings' option would copy across to your other dedicated plug-ins only the settings that are in the Settings pages under the cog wheel (disable warnings, Preload buffer, maximum voices etc).

    All the best