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Maybe you haven’t seen it, but believe us — you’ve heard it.


  • Did you sample Pink Floyd's Wall?

  • When? I need to secure my loans in advance. 🤣

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  • Voices from the dungeon?

    The pool had a basement?

    I want to keep guessing, but dang... 😱

  • Abbey Road reverb chamber?

  • 🤣 ...sorry... 😂 ....nice!

  • Ken
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    have Spitfire sampled Mark Korven's Apprehension Engine?

  • This thread is hilarious. From The Wall of Pink Floyd to prison and basement. I don't have such imaginations to see something else than a wall. What is it, stoned orchestra, stonewalled orchestra, stone cold orchestra, rock bottom orchestra? Or is it the rock (basement) I live under?

  • So, any update on what this is?

  • Did we miss an announcement? Was whatever this referred to released?