Update to BBC Symphony Orchestra v.1.2.1

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An update is now available for Core and Pro users which patches the issue where the Transpose feature did not work in 1.2.0. Further updates to follow.

Please note that the role out to Discover user will take a longer period of time. You should expect the update within the next 2 weeks.

If you encounter any issues with the update, please reach out to our support team directly at spitfireaudio.com/support

A full change log can be found below:


  • Is this now M1 compatible? I notice your beta page hasn't been updated?

  • Awesome! Enormous thanks to Spitfire dev team for this fix! I really appreciate it!

  • Angus
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    @Will BBC SO is not yet M1 Compatible, but we hope to put this into the next update due soon.

    Those seeing this post should also note the following:

    AAX AU Issue - there is an issue with the AAX in this build which Pro Tools does not validate. We have a fix for this, so just reach out to support at spitfireaudio.com/support

    Logic 10.5 compatibility - this version is not compatible with Logic 10.5 due to a bug in that version. We have reached out to Apple for further info on this. As far as we are currently aware, the workaround would be to update to Logic 10.6. This version is only available on Catalina 10.15.7 or above, so if you do need to update your OS, be careful of other software that might be affected (e.g. Waves plugins that require a paid-upgrade path to the new OS). Logic 10.6 is also only available with the latest version of Logic Remote, which is i0S 13.1. Check your iPad can run this version before updating. More to follow.

  • is there any method to rollback to 1.20? i hadn't read this note and now i can't open BBCSO discovery. I need to use mojave and i can't upgrade Logic at 10.6

  • Doc Bob
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    I just updated to v1.21. According to the version history 1.2 was supposed to add a cor anglaise to BBCSO Core.

    • “Core: Add substitues Legato (Extended) techniques to solo instruments: Bass Clarinet and Cor anglais” I can’t see one, is it supposed to be there?
  • That is odd. Core doesn't have either Bass Clarinet or Cor Anglais. My guess is that this was a typo, and should have said it was for Pro instead of Core.

  • @Angus I haven't updated yet. Will the Pro Tools fix be merged into the update from this point, or is it required to install it and then get the fix from support?

  • @Doc Bob and @Jonathan that refers to the new patches that were released with 1.2.0. BBC SO Core does not contain these instruments, however, if you download a BBC SO Pro Template from DAW Templates, your plugin will be Mode Switched to the translated patches (e.g. Cor Anglais in Core, is a pitched down Oboe).

    This is explained in greater detail in the video below:

    @Russell what Pro Tools fix are you referring to- failed AAX, or M1 compatibility?

  • @Angus This one. I run Windows 10.

    "AAX AU Issue - there is an issue with the AAX in this build which Pro Tools does not validate. We have a fix for this, so just reach out to support at spitfireaudio.com/support"

  • @Russell ah yes, this is fixed with 1.2.1, which is the current version. If not, reach out to support and we can send you a valid plugin.

  • Doc Bob
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    Angus, thanks for that video and explanation. Is there a PRO template for Reaper? Or a workaround for Reaper. I have CORE but I can't mode switch up to Pro.

  • Doc Bob
    edited October 2021

    Thanks again Angus. I opened the PRO template but the plugin is the CORE one, and I can't upscale to the PRO. The bass clarinet is present in the template but with no plugin on the track. Maybe I'm missing something but without the PRO plugin I don't have access to the missing instruments.

  • Hi Angus,

    I have a problem running BBC SO in Studio One. It always crashes the application. Please advice on this, thank you!

  • Hi @syabil51

    That will need further investigation. I've created a support ticket for you and someone will be in touch with you directly.

  • Hello,

    In BBC core, when I play Sol 3 with the violins 2 (legato) I systematically hear a very disturbing bowing or stick noise...

    Do you notice the same thing?

    I've created a support ticket for this.

  • @Aloysius best to see what our agent says via the support ticket. If there is an issue, we'll get this written up and reported to our team.

  • Don't worry, I don't intend to question the overall quality of BBCSO... and I don't expect a solution within 24 hours for just a G 3...

    Nor am I organizing a movement of disgruntled consumers to discredit BBCSO or put pressure on the spitfire technical team. Your responsiveness and your technic support are rather exemplary .

    That doesn't stop me from using BBSO Core and enjoying it. It is precisely because I use it intensively at the moment that I spotted this...

    I am aware of the work that this library has required and it is not because a single sample (in an ocean of others) is not perfect that I will question the high quality of your product...

    I absolutely have no doubts about the attention you have given to the development of this library and the attention you pay to our user feedback.

    I absolutely do not regret the purchase of BBCSO.

  • There are a lot of artifacts in the samples, room noise, arcing, etc. They are still there for a long time and they don't fix them. Although they give a little "Life" they are annoying. Most of them are removed with a high pass filter.

    Maybe a comment on trustpilot can make a difference.

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  • I believe part of the problem is BBC are decommissioning Maida Vale, since they are completely mad and just like moving around and building ever-terrible modern glass monstrosities, before changing their mind again.