BBCSO pro Brass dynamics problem

I can't seem to get the solo brass instruments to play their full dynamic range using the extended legato patches. The dynamic range just tops out way short of the brassy, full sound. In the walkthrough on Youtube he clearly demonstrates the legato solo horn transitioning to a bright sound using the modwheel. On the legacy legato articulations the dynamics work as expected, but on extended legato it tops out at a still-dark mezzo forte.

Is there something I have to do in order to get the instruments to play their full dynamic ranges or is this a problem with my install or a bug? I reinstalled the brass library today, tried to repair it, no success. I can achieve the same sort of sound by fading in a cuivre sample as the dynamics are supposed to increase, but this is a pretty huge problem since it virtually ruins any playability of the patches.

Is there something I may be doing wrong?


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    @nwtlr1 I can hear from your demo they are slightly different. I'll investigate this myself, incase it is unique to your MIDI file. I've created a ticket for you and I'll follow up directly via email.