Studiologic SL Mixface + SL73 Studio

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Hello there,

the Studiologic SL Mixface and the Studiologic SL73 Studio looking like a great combination of Controllers to get the job done. Solid keybed and a lot of control options.

I'm considering getting both.

Does anyone of you have experience with these in combination, or with Studiologic in general?


  • I have the SL88 and I am considering the mixface. Here are my thoughts:

    • Test out the weight of the keys if you can to see if you like them. I believe the SL73 and SL88 are both "hammer weighted". I find it too heavy and lacks the bouncier feel of a real piano.
    • They software that comes with it is poor. May not be worth using and so you should expect to change the settings of the hardware directly through the piano. You'll get more consistent results.
    • They joysticks are nice but may not "feel" right in conjunction with Spitfire libraries. In other words moving a joystick to express dynamics is not the same as a fader.
    • The piano is extremely sturdy

    With that said I suspect the Mixface will bring some useful elements to this such as the faders.