Stargirl Update: Has My Entry Been Judged Yet?

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We were originally going to comment on every participant's videos as a way of confirming their entry was judged. This was in response to feedback we received for the Westworld competition- where some entrants felt their videos were not watched.

Whilst every successful entrant to the Westworld competition was judged, this gave us a way of confirming your entry was successfully submitted and reviewed.

Unfortunately, the account we were using was quickly blocked for spam, so we were unable to use this method of verification. This is why a very small minority of early entries would have received a comment but the vast majority of later entries have not.

How will we notify you when your entry has been judged?

We will now email every successful entrant to the Stargirl Competition. This will confirm that your entry was submitted correctly and was judged by a member of the Spitfire Audio team. Emails will be sent before the winner is announced.

Edit: The email is titled "Judging Has Finished – DC Stargirl Competition". If you received this but have not got a comment, your entry was still judged!

What happens if I do not receive an email?

Always check your spam and promotions folder first. The email you used on the submission form will be the email that is sent the confirmation message- which is why it might not be your Spitfire Audio account email.

No email will be an indication that your entry was not successful. We will not be rejudging entries or allowing for further entries in the interest of the fairness of the competition. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to win Spitfire Audio and SA Recording products, as well scoring opportunities with the new Spitfire Audio Academy.

Do not contact support about the Stargirl competition, this support line is for product support and questions only. Please use the comment section below.

Will we receive feedback?

No, you will not receive individual feedback for your submission. There was thousands of entries and we are a very small team, so this is unfortunately not possible! Do feel free to post you entries in the Share Your Music category, and members of our community may offer advice.

I've still got questions...

Drop a comment below and we'll try to answer any questions that pop up about the Stargirl Competition.


  • I just received an email that judging has finished and all entries have been reviewed, but did not receive any previous email indicating that my entry was viewed. Is the email I just got an indication that my entry was successfully judged or was I supposed to get some other communication prior to this "judging has finished" email?

  • Same here.

    No confirmation email. Just "judging has finished".

    I definitely sent it in, because I got the confirmation. What gives?

  • Given the sheer volume of submissions, it doesn't surprise me they had issues notifying each composer when their entry had been viewed. But man, I hate the worry of being accidentally overlooked.

  • I also haven't received any emails that mine was viewed (checked spam.) I received the initial confirmation of submission and used the correct hashtag. I hope my submission at least got viewed.

  • Have received my Submission confirmation via Google Forms, but no confirmation that it has been judged yet.

    Will these emails still be sent? Even a day before the winner gets announced?

  • Same, hopefully that was the email they meant.

  • #MyStargirlScore was never listen to!

    It was stated once the score was listen to a comment would be left. I received my Google Form confirmation on the submission date Aug. 6, 2021. No comment was ever left to confirm that my score was actually listen to.

    No email was ever received! Just checked spam folder to verify it wasn't there either.

  • I hope you mean the email titled "Judging Has Finished – DC Stargirl Competition"

    Thanks for clarifying

  • Ah, I just got the notification, just in case someone was still wondering...🙂

    "Judging Has Finished - DC Stargirl Competition".

    Awww, and I could've now instantly downloaded the BBCSO Discovery for free without waiting. No regrets, though, as I'm having a blast with it for the last 2 weeks or so. Still, nice idea for sure to have that as a little "thank you" for participating. 👍️

    Anyway, if you were still wondering, check your email now!

  • Folks - the email you got that says Judging has ended also states 'As a thank you for entering...' prior to the BBC Discovery download.

    So this is confirmation of your entry.

  • Thank you @Spitfire Audio for the update and the great gift! I appreciate it so much, because I can't afford new plugins at the moment, so this was such a wonderful consolation prize. Thanks! 🙏

  • No indication that my submission was ever judged with no comments on Youtube or an email either despite me getting the Google Form submission confirmation on 11th August so now left wondering if anyone ever listened to my track at all!

    I already own BBC SO Pro so a free BBC SO Discovery download is of no benefit.

  • Just to be clear, if you have received the Judging Has Finished email, this means that your entry was successfully judged, regardless if you has a comment on the video or not. If you did not receive this email, check you are using the correct email that you used on the Google Form. You should also check your Spam and Promotions (Google) folders.

  • D_Reed_Er
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    Just here to make you notice how people cannot read. The original text says clearly the email is the confirmation of your entry being listened to. 1 email! relax. and read properly damn it

  • Opps... I just cleaned out my spam and promotions folder yesterday... ugh. lol No worries, if they say they listened to all entries, I believe them. It's 1,000's of clips to go thru... tedious. I wonder if there was a per-day limit for each judge so they didn't get burned out watching same video over and over...

  • No email of any kind....are they done sending it? Nothing on Spam folders or anywhere else...Got my Google form email in August...Should I despair? 😔

  • @MarioCostaMusic just checked the judging sheet, and if this link was your video, it has indeed been judged correctly:

  • I think it's unfortunate that the account used to judge people's submissions was muted and couldn't leave a reply, thank you for leaving a confirmation email.

    Good luck to the winners, I've booked half a day off to watch the Premier at 5, I'm going to eat pop corn and listen to you wonderful people as you reveal them :-)

  • English is not my first language but in my opinion the explanation was pretty clear to me.

    I didn't realize we are just one week away from the announcement. Excited to hear the winning submissions and how much better they did than my poor attempt.

  • I think it's built in us composers to dislike what we have created, or to feel like we could of done better, I too am excited to see who Pinar and the spitfire team has chosen because it'll give me and other artists on here a greater insight of what we should of done, or how we should of approached it, never doubt yourself, this goes for all you artists out there, keep at it and enjoy the music and one day it may be you who they pick, the more you participate in events like this, the better you will become, so everybody give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the fantastic work! Proud of you all!

  • Holy guacamole so thankful i saw this! Was super nervous that it was missed, as i'm sure a lot of you were haha :)

    Oh well, we can now breathe easy. Good luck everyone!

    For the composer community, here's mine - judge me (pls) :)

  • Phew! Thanks for this update.

    I was beginning to doubt that I'd even pressed "Submit" on the Google Form, so I'm glad I found this thread.

    Thankfully, I did receive an email that said "Judging Has Finished – DC Stargirl Competition" with a code for BBCSO Discover (thank you for that).

    Good luck everyone. See you on Thursday 23rd (Just 2 days away!!)

    Best wishes,


  • No email or spam :\

    My stuff was submitted on August 1st. I received confirmation for my google forms too.

    Am I good to assume my sub was never counted?

  • Rubenofficial
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    So I also go the judging has finished Gmail but never the one where they saw my entry, I really felt that this was one of the best competitions ever but I do think they should've limited the amount of entry's to make it a bit more fare, just a thought, although Chris totally deserved it, his score was so unique. I did have a blast, I would love to hear the thoughts of other people 🙂.

  • @Rubenofficial as I mentioned above, if you received the Judging Has Finished email, this does indeed mean that your entry was successfully submitted and judged.