2 Weeks Later..How Do You Feel About Your Submission?

It's been two weeks since the deadline and I'm sure most of you (including myself) have gone through listening to as many submissions as possible and trying to compare the ones you see to your own. I just wanted to know how everyone felt two weeks later now that we've sat on our entries for a bit.

For me, I feel like mine could use some improvements in terms of mixing and balancing certain elements within the actual scene itself - notably the part where Joey gets hit because the music is fine, but the sound is actually a bit lower than the SFX so it sounds like it kind of just cuts out.

But either way, I'm curious to know how everyone else feels about their own work.


  • I tried to make my score as musically coherent as possible. i.e. I wanted the music to make sense even outside of the context of the scene. Because of this I don't think i hit some of the big shots and moments as well as I probably should've, but I'm still proud of the result. It has a certain musical charm to it that I like.

    In regards to the mixing process Im really proud of the result. i did some semi-complicated stuff with return tracks and parallel processing to get extra oomf and "sauce" and I think it turned out really well. I probably could've made it a bit hotter in relation to the scene, but I was scared of drowning out the dialogue.

  • I just listened to yours, and I really like the instrumentation. The tuned percussion parts give it a great atmosphere, good job on the various hits and transitions too =)

  • How do I feel about my submission after hearing it again, two weeks later? I want to hide under a rock or something. A great deal of people have done a very good job and I found that there is a lot to learn from all of them. Definitely a great experience overall and there was a lot to learn from it, before and after.

  • I felt ashamed by my own submission. Some kind of awful feeling of "It was bad, really bad".

    • unbalanced mix
    • not really well done first half
    • music completly buried under SFX, to point of being some kind of pulse in background
    • not checking on anything other than headphones how it sounds

    Two weeks later I felt like I completly butchered it and made the most awful piece in history of film scores.

  • I enjoyed making it way too much than to worry about how well it holds up now. Since I used it as a chance for a variety of challenges, including the task itself, scoring "some clip", as well as trying to exclusively use LABS, doing it with a DAW that doesn't load video and, well, virtually everything about scoring, I just loved the learning experience and will likely never feel "bad" about any of it.

    I also chose not to "compete with the original style", but instead explored ways to add the intangible component to the action, guiding feelings rather than wrapping my desires to compose music over it or squeezing it in somehow. Not to mention the fabulous challenge to support the kind of "cartoonish" feeling, while still sort of nudging it toward reality, but not too much.🧐

    But to be perfectly honest, I haven't even listened to it anymore since about a day after the submission.🤔

    I have only listened to a few of the other submissions and they were great! One or two of them sounded completely professional, but sort of rushed in more of a "preview of the full score" or a kind of audition, rather than really caring about the clip itself. Doesn't make them any less impressive, but well... ...it did make me wonder, if I understood the challenge right, haha.😳

    So, yeah, feeling great, totally enjoyed it and I think you all should, too! 👍️

  • I am still amazed at the amount of thought and planning that I put into mine even if it seems ultra- simplistic.

  • I feel pretty ok with mine, but I feel like the mix doesn’t sound great on phone speakers, which is probably how most people are listening to these submissions. Then again, even professional mixes sometimes don’t sound great on phone speakers, so I don’t feel too depressed. I just hope the judges listened with headphones or studio monitors!

  • The announcement is just six days away, but I feel good knowing that the competition is over. I was never holding my hopes high, thinking I could win the grand prize; instead, I've set a goal to produce something worthy of being listed among the top five contenders. Or perhaps I just wanted to hear what others think of my work. Anyway, I checked my submission for the first time in a few weeks, and I am genuinely proud of the result. I can tell that I have made sufficient progress since the last year's competition, and the recognition I got from family and friends is all the praise I needed. However, I still hope to get away with a copy of Albion Iceni, don't get me wrong on that.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let that out of my chest. Every single one of us did the best job we could, and that's all that matters. I hope we all stay positive, creative, and (most importantly) kind to each other in these upcoming days. And to the lucky winners out there? You guys rock.

  • I'm still stuck on the comment regarding phone speakers... 🤣 😂 😅 ...I pray this will never become a serious concern.

    @ilyaivanov when we do what we truly enjoy doing, we win at every chance of doing it. Now I really want to check out your clip, though, hehehe...dang... gotta see how one can track those down?! Maybe I'll check through your messages.🧐 ...really an uplifting post for sure! 👍️

  • There were so many really great entries by so many talented and gifted artists, composers and otherwise extremely creative writers. I am humbled. But entering the competition was a real-world, worldwide opportunity for me to better understand my limitations and where I can improve. I learned so much from working on the project and listening to hundreds of entries. This has been a very positive experience and I hope to be able to participate again in the future.

  • Man, I am right there with you! Not just this score, but so many of my videos lose all their low end when I view them on my phone, and sometimes that can really detract from the overall sound.

    One day left, who's getting anxious to finally find out who won? I'm not getting my hopes up, WAY too many solid entries, and I honestly don't know how they could have listened to all of them. I mostly did this for the challenge of scoring something with dialogue (which was really fun to work around) and in hopes that at least someone other than my immediate family might see my youtube channel, haha!

    As far as my entry, I'm still happy with it, though I would probably redo the first several bars if I was doing it again.