Don't get me wrong, I love BBCSO, but this one thing kind of annoys me.

So, the suggestion is to add an ADSR to the BBCSO Plugin, I know about the knob that controls the release samples but that's not what this is about. It would open a lot more possibilities for shaping sounds (especially short articulations).

I've linked a few concepts below.


  • It's important to not think of ADSR with orchestral sampling as you would with Synthesis. We tend to not include Attack, Decay, and Sustain on our libraries for these reasons:

    • You cannot increase the length of an orchestral sample without digital manipulation. This would decrease the quality of the sample, and increase your CPU load.
    • The ability to control the attack can create unnatural slopes in the sound. This is better controlled by using the Dynamics slider for a more realistic result.

    With the Short Techniques, you will find that we have included an FX called Tightness. This allows you to cut into the start of the note (the small ms gap between the player starting the note, and the note having sound), allowing you to sharpen up the 'bite' on the notes. On the Long Techniques, you will be able to increase the Release, for a less abrupt end to the note.

    For Legato, we do not include Tightness or Release currently, as these have been baked in to the Legato programming by our developers for the best result.

  • For curiosity sake have you all ever tried making an envelope generator for dynamics and modulation? Just taking an attack and sustain level for instance and having one pair of controls for cc11 and one pair of controls for cc1.