Hi everyone

This is my first post here, I'm self-taught and I guess I am an amature hobbyist producer, I just love everything about music & audio engineering, but I will admit I don't always finish my tracks. I do own Albion One and also Garritan CFX Grand Piano, but before this, I found the amazing free LABS collection and made a track using just these instruments, so I wanted to share with you here, the LABS instruments are really expressive :)





  • Hey Alan, welcome and how nice to see someone post a pure LABS track, too. I'm sure there must've been many, figured there must be a dedicated sub-forum for this stuff or at least a thread, but nope... so I started one, but it apparently got ignored completely. If you wanted to, you're very welcome to post your track there, too. 🤗


    I'm excited to hear what people accomplish with LABS only. You certainly have a unique composition. Very sparse. The occasional "blue note" kinda hurts a bit more in that atmosphere, but it's got character.

    Anyway, so, maybe we can bring this thread to life, I'd love it for sure! 😁