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Hi all 😀 ! I am Warren, I'm 27, I am from France (sorry in advance for my english) and I'm new here :) I don't know if I have to make a presentation, but I will do it

Passion Discovery ❤️

My love for cinema and film music started when I was 5 years old. My parents took me discover "Mulan". This was my first film on the big screen. During the film, I don't think I blinked eyes only once. This first experience in the cinema was significant in terms of emotions, and in terms of sensations: until then, I had not realized how physical music is and that its waves could pass through my body.

The days, months and years after, when it was time to sleep, I hid under the sheets with my Discman to listen to music ("classical" music, and film music principally). This is where my influences and inspirations were made: Maurice Ravel, John Williams, George Gershwin, Danny Elfman. I wanted to be like them.

Abandoned Passion 💔

When I was 14, when I had to choose a course, I wanted to go to film school. My parents preferred "financial security” and I studied at a hotel school ... which is very different.

I didn't do my homework after class 😬😳 ... I preferred to play on my synth, find textures and search for melodies. I didn't understand what I was doing, but I found it beautiful.

I got my diploma and I continued my studies in marketing and hotel management. Few years later I worked for several Parisian hotels near the Arc de Triomphe.

This job took my time and my energy. As time goes by going on, I didn't realize that I stopped making music.

I don't blame my job. It allowed me to acquire a certain organization and maturity, and to replace part of my (too) dreamy mind by a slightly more cartesian mind.

COVID time 😷

2019: Covid. The confinements have allowed many people to ask themselves questions. I was one of them, and to be brief: I turned on my synth, my finger touched the keyboard, I quit my job and went to a music training in a music school.

I practiced : music theory, harmony, rhythm, Computer music, ear training, orchestration.

At the same time, I train myself with books by Jean DOUÉ (technical and stylistic study of harmony) and Samuel ADLER (study of orchestration).

Now 🎼

So we can say that I am a beginner!

I bought Albion Solstice, I did a test: https://soundcloud.com/warren-sv/test-spitfire2/s-X9nYkfLnVlI

And I just ordered Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Complete.

I can't wait to start composing with this soundbank! 🤩

Have a nice day,