Freedom Fighter - BBCSO Pro and Abbey Road ONE

Every composers ultimate dream is to have their music recorded in a top studio like Air or Abbey Road.

I can imagin myself watching the orchestra pump this out at full volume :)

I used Abbey Road ONE and BBC SO Pro together for this.


  • Great job Keith. I love the B section at 0:37!

  • Yeah, going for the epic adventure. Seems to tick a number of boxes quite very well. But, you know... if you allow me to, as awesome as the sounds truly are and brought into very solid harmonic composition, if they come out the same way again and again with so little dynamics, especially the brass sections, horns and all, it sort of turns oddly flat, even though it's right in front of the face, it's like squashed against it. Like as if you painted a landscape and forgot the atmospheric perspective with all the colors at full saturation everywhere at all times. If the brass had somehow more modulation or nuance, I don't know, maybe it wouldn't be so apparent, but it kind of reveals their digital nature. Wished they had the occasional growl in them or accidental inflections of sorts.

    Musically there's everything right with it, really, it's what it is, totally unapologetic. That makes it so weird for me to give you any feedback like this, but I hope you can forgive me for pointing out things I notice at first listen. The tutti bursts feel a little "long", like they would want to be tighter, snappier. As they have such a long release it kind of melts them together against the action they suggest, if you know what I mean.

    All in all, it's definitely amazing, I mean... what glorious sound and you've smashed it with the scale for sure. Total blast for me to listen to it and dare ponder any potential improvements. But, yeah, think about dynamics, maybe, allow an explosion to have a "fuse", if you know what I mean, some depth also to take even more advantage of the amazing libraries you get to use.

    Above all else: Thanks for sharing, Keith, it's inspiring! ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ

  • Nice work @Keith

  • Thanks Taron for that very honest opinion. I do understand and agree with what you say and I will be the first person to admit i'm not great at working these libraries how they should be and also i'm not that great at mixing.

    I do know that this would sound 100 times better done by a pro and and if it was done by an orchestra, it would sound exactly how I had it in my head lol.

    Maybe I will get better at using these libraries as time goes by.

    Thanks again for your feedback :)

  • Ah, pfff, you're most certainly a skillful musician with plenty of passion, therefore all you might want to do is just consider the feedback as something worthy to explore and you'll find out, if it was any good or not. And every time you do, you grow your vocabulary. With "dynamics" I did not mean the mix, by the way. I literally mean the arrangement and "conduction", if you will... like the composition of volume and playing styles. Naturally, you should follow your instincts, but with grand ideas like this track, details can sometimes tumble under the rug such as how things are played rather than what they play. You are the master in this virtual orchestra and everything (almost) is under your control.