QUANTUM PLEAS: Tea Room Orchestra, 'Big Band Era' Orchestra, Mantovani Strings, early synths..

It would be great to have Spitfire's take on:

(1) the sort of weary, muted, soft, almost lo-fi sound of classic Tea Room Orchestras (featuring cheesy expressions and swells, vamped orchestral chords, waltz, foxtrot and bossa nova (etcetera) orchestral loops/grids/evos, upbeat and downbeat band sections, and sort of band sections um... with everyone playing the same sweepy swirly notes in unison) -- as a kind of compositional tonal alternative to broaden the available sonic palette (recorded in a room full of white tablecloths, carpets, a polished dance floor, high ceilings and a mirror ball -- with maybe miking of the various surfaces / areas of a tea room: carpets and table cloths, polished floor, ceilings, band, and foyer/kitchen/bathrooms).

(2) for the same reason (broadening one's available palette), an orchestra/band from the Big Band Era -- recorded with late 1930s/1940s/early 50s microphones and technology -- featuring the kind of phrasing used by Glen Miller et al -- brass wahs, brahps, swells, etcetera created with various expressive / articulated mutes (tin mute, bowler hat, rubber mute) played by the players, along with various combinations / orchestrations of cornets, trumpets, trombones to create the various classical effects. Also the various sections and soloists (actually soloists not so necessary, saxophones (yup!), guitar vamps, banjo vamps, ratty drum kit (no close miking or anything fancy). Plus the extra menagerie of sound sources used in Spike Jones and His City Slickers. AND the kind of instrumentation found in Kurt Weill orchestras: banjo ensembles, euphonium, dududud-style brass playing, etcetera.

As with the Tea Room Orchestra, this library could be ripe for modernisation, for example 'The Big Band Era' library could have grids and evos suited for creating Steve Reich/Minimalist-style music, spacial pads, Doppler drones, John Adams nuttiness.

The Tea Room Collection could serve as a basis for creating lush pads, trap loops (or wherever that kind of music needs to go next), slow eerie creepy compositions, highly-processed lo-fi um... stuff, and sort of nostalgic reverb drenched 78rpm dystopia.

(3) Mantovani Strings. Kinda basically Mantovani Strings! Silky sweeping high pitched pad-like tones featuring various degrees of rosin, lushness and glittery icing. Featuring pure treacle, sugar-frosting, and saccharine OD versions. Plus Mellotron, Orchestron (as per Trans Europe Express), vinyl-pressing, two-track Super Stereo Sound tape-recording, and eDNA processing.


Thank you.


Hammond-a-go-go, K-Tel Hawaiian Orchestras, Cinema Organs, Martenot and Musitron? etc...


  • Radiohead meets Scott Walker, that kinda thing...

  • Ooh, yeah! I'd love to see a Spitfire 'Studio Two' range, expanding upon the excellent Mrs. Mills Piano concept - some of your suggestions would fit in there very nicely.

  • Actually, my absolute ideal instrument would be a Barbara Moore / Swingle Singers style vocal group; the kind of Bach influenced vocalese you hear on 60s soundtracks. Very simply recorded, close & dry. With all the Lahs, Fahs and Bahs you just don't seem to get anywhere in modern vocal libraries.

    Niche, i know but i think could actually be very useful in a contemporary setting and very easy to manipulate and process for more experimental sound design.

  • I would love a library of all those sorts of sounds.......right up my street 😀....but it may be a while yet i fear...most of the virtual instruments producers and developers all seem to have got stuck in middle earth and we are inundated with elven choirs and dragon drums and swathes of harps and ullean pipes..!!!!!!😂😂....all very tiresome and bothersome !!!! 😀

  • Very much in favour of all of this. More focus on the individual instrumental sounds rather than ensembles and loops would by my taste

  • aha !!..think i have found just the thing...Noir by sonokinetic......all very mantovani....lovely 😀