"Instruments not initialised" in Vienna Instruments Pro

Hi. Question? Discussion? a little of both? Which product category is "Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit" in? I now find myself recovering from my strange deep-dive into the meanings of of these nebulous categorical concepts that faced me on the way here. Anyhoo, I digress.


Ok... I'm rocking Spitfire via Kontakt 5 running via Vienna Ensemble Pro on a PC and I'm getting this error when I load Spitfire:

Other libraries behave in this environment.

When I load Spitfire samples using Kontakt standalone, they initialize just fine.

My searching has already had me restart, and double check I'm running 64 bit apps (I am).

Perhaps there is an easy fix I missed? I'll even take a not so easy fix. :)

Thanks so much



  • Ooops. Title should read ""Instruments not initialised" in Vienna ENSEMBLE Pro

  • @blatboy this can occur if you have not attached the Kontakt instance to an audio output, or have froze/ deselected the plugin in your DAW. As for VEP, I'd check the plugin is powered on in your DAW session and the Server is connected to the relevant outputs.