SA Desktop app on multiple systems

Not sure if this problem was addressed yet, but when installing SA libraries on multiple systems it messes up the "installation metadata". For instance, if I have already installed BBCSO on one system and try to install it on the other, it would tell me BBCSO has already been installed. I think this has to do with the fact that installation metadata is stored server side and not client side. I think the more convenient option would be to have this data stored client side so that SA App can decide what is installed on a "system basis" rather than a "user basis". What do you think?

PS. I do love the app and the easy way to install and update libraries with it, but this issue has bugged me since the beginning :).


  • Hi @Loerpert

    Please note that Spitfire Plugin libraries are not designed to share an install location (e.g. external hard drive). For each of the two devices you wish to use the library on, you should have a separate install location.

    This is something we're hoping to address in a future version of the Application.