List of Kontakt libraries that do not have a serial number?

I've searched the forum for an answer to this but didn't come up with anything, so hopefully someone can help.

As per the title, is there a list of Spitfire's Kontakt libraries that do not have a serial number and therefore aren't added to Kontakt's Libraries list?

It's a little frustrating having paid so much for libraries that end up getting forgotten about because they're hidden away in a folder somewhere on my drive. Doesn't help that there doesn't appear to be any consistent naming convention for Spitfire libraries, especially in a folder full of libraries from other companies as well.

I'm adding them to Kontakt's Quick-Load list but it's a bit of an onerous task and like detective work trying to compare my Serials list with my Orders list, so I'm bound to end up missing one of the libraries, so a full list would be a useful reference.

Spitfire team, if you're reading this; you sell premium quality products at premium prices - please, please, please either issue serial numbers for all your libraries (I appreciate there's a cost but it's what your competitors do) or relaunch those libraries in your Spitfire Dedicated Plugin (which frankly I prefer to Kontakt anyway). The Orchestral Grand, for instance, could make a great Originals product, and I'd be happy to own both. Personally I'd be happy to pay a nominal charge for the convenience of actually having those libraries to hand when I need them.

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    Hi @Kavokei - thanks for the feedback! We are certainly looking to move away from the Kontakt Full requirement in the future.

    We have a list here which confirms which products require the full version of Kontakt:

    And there are two other quick ways to check if your Kontakt-based library is a Kontakt Player library, or if it needs to be loaded through the files tab in the full version of Kontakt:

    1) Have a look at the serials on your account, and if the library is not listed here and it is not one of our dedicated plugin libraries, it will need to be loaded through the files tab in Kontakt:

    2) All of our product pages denote which format the library is: Dedicated plugin (no serial), Kontakt Player (serial), or Kontakt Full (no serial). Since Kontakt Full libraries require the paid version of Kontakt (an extra expense) a pop up window will appear before purchasing which will ask you to check the box to confirm you own the full version of Kontakt.


  • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your response - that list is a big help. The two alternative methods were the ones I was already using - much quicker to have a list I can compare against to just drag and drop the required folders to Kontakt's Quick-Load list. So huge thanks for that - more time to spend working.

    Regarding the plans to move away from the Kontakt full requirement, that's definitely a good idea. I've got a big list of libraries I'm holding off from buying because of the need to load them via the Files tab - they'll just get forgotten about. I'm sure I'm not the only person holding off.

    As an example, I know quite a few people who've been complaining that they're struggling to find a Grand Piano library that they like, but are put off by the requirement to buy the full version of Kontakt as well (they tend to be students or new, skint composers) when I suggest the Orchestral Grand library. It's a shame because it's such a beautifully recorded instrument. If it was made available in the Originals range, they'd buy it without hesitation.

    I bet there's a good number of the older, more esoteric libraries (around the £50 to £100 mark) that would sell like hot cakes if relaunched in the Originals range - I'd personally buy them all, including the ones I already own (for convenience). So, it's good to hear that Spitfire is planning to do something to make those libraries more accessible.

    Again, thanks for your help!

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  • Hi @Kavokei happy I could help! I will certainly take this feedback to the team.

    Happy composing!