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Breathe new life into your compositions with this versatile toolkit of unique timbres, created by contemporary composer, Oliver Patrice Weder.

Ranging from intimate chanting solo and trio vocals, breathy woodwind swells, and circular breathing techniques, to personalised piano sounds, delicate percussion, and shimmering organic and electronic loops — carefully sculpted to blend together perfectly, and presented in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning, dedicated plug-in.

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  • Gorgeous. Exactly what I was hoping for. Breathy winds, a felt piano, a small choir. Thanks Oliver and Spitfire!

  • I have to say that the release "pool party" was a great experience. It was incredible to be able to interact with the composer/artist, asking questions about inspiration, the compositions, and recording process and getting direct answers. I think it was a great experience for Oliver as well, reading all our rave reviews of his work in the moment. Please keep this idea in mind for future releases and sample libraries. The LIVE aspect added so much. Thanks for the opportunity (Spitfire) and for the great work (@Oliver).

    Associate Professor of Music / The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

    Conductor + Music Director / Winds of the Mountain Empire

  • Bought this yesterday. It's a beautiful library and I've already written a few bits with it. Just wanted to report, with a handful of the choir patches I got some CPU spikes and crackles. I have a maxed out 8 core Macbook Pro, so I'm not used to getting above 15-20% CPU power even with a heavy Omnisphere multi. Could be in part latest Ableton 11.06 Anyway, perhaps it will sort out with an update. Fantastic job on this library.

  • I just got this, it sounds amazing and is inspiring.

    Can't wait to use it on an album.

  • Same issues on my end, seems to chew up cpu for very little reason

  • Agreed that this is a lovely little library. I found that you can press a number of keys on the Mhhmm patch and some of the other choir patches, and cause the number of voices, memory and CPU to spike. An example after loading the patch, and playing about ten notes repeated over and over.

  • Hi All,

    Please see here for how to optimise the CPU:


    If you have issues enabling this, don't hesitate to get it touch.

    It occurs as it constantly syncing tempo to the host. I would advise also splitting up voices across the plugin so less of the time stretching occurs. Or alternative limit the voices in the plugin.

    You will find this issue will rise on the loops in particular.



  • I love watching Oliver play his music with new sample libraries, and he's a great person to show us how we can get more out of this Spitfire Audio or that one, so I took the bait and bought Oliver's library. I wanted to turn it back in at first (I'm over 50 and grumpy) but then I went through the volume of samples Oliver put into this package and realized Oliver gave us a mini-library, which feeds us some wonderful solo vocals. The group vocals have some nice rises too but those were the ones that turned me off at first, and I didn't know I was buying voices. I should have paid more attention but generally when I buy an SA library, it's a winner. And, I want Oliver to be successful because he gives us so much in his demonstrations and compositions, and he's truly talented. I decided to explore, and after 45 minutes of plinking this and playing that and twisting this knob and pulling down or up that fader, I found this library -- Pool Party - to be a winner. The sound quality is excellent all the way around, and it's the first library in which EVERY flute sound got a star rating! Hell, his recorder is near perfect (I cannot give any recorder a perfect score - too many bad experiences from school days). His toys are good. The loops fall off a bit but don't give up as I nearly did and then came across a real winner that fit one of my songs.

    Yeah, this is just one of those special collections that I couldn't say come for the double-felt piano, stay for the flutes and be serenaded by the hmmmms. It's just a weird, special collection that I feel I will find myself thinking "I know there's a sound that is exactly what's in my head and would fit this composition. Where is it?" Keep this collection close. That missing sound - it's likely in there.

    Cheers and congratulations, Oliver!

  • I really do love these gorgeous sounds, I know this may sound really silly of me but could you make a pyramid room and put the microphone in the middle bottom to replicate the sound of a pyramid, the sound of the vocals humming combined with the echo of the structure will hopefully capture sounds which will hold chakra healing properties, I could be wrong, if not we could heal the world with the magic of spitfire.

    Take care now.

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    I'm running on Cubase 11 in Win 10 I purchased this yesterday 30/08/21 but my Daw will not show it with all the other plugins. Iv'e tried re downloading it the spitfire app sees it the files are in the default location with all the other spitfire products yet My Daw does not show it I even tried another Daw I have used which does the same shows me all the other spitfire products but no Pool Project.....HELP! Please! I have since found that there is no VST3 Plugin file included in the download which may be the reason why !

  • Seems there is only a 32bit Plugin included which is not supported in Cubase11. This is the problem !

  • Yes it is likely there was an issue during the extraction of the install with the VST3 files. If you contact us directly we can troubleshoot this, and also manually provide you with the VST3 plugin.



  • Thanks for your help it is all now resolved have received the missing 64bit files and all now working!😊

  • Hi there! I have big issue, protools ultimate and logic x crash with Oliver Patrice Weder, my daw is pretty solid quad i7 CPU and 30gig ram memory and works fine with many spitfire I own with spitfire GUI(no kontakt), the instruments work for a couple of minutesthere! than freeze and crash my daw, I thought was a problem with voice in dualpiano Bank, but the same problem even with a simple armonica preset. any suggest?THX