• Thank you for your help today.

  • Thank you all for your replies! I have decided to revisit my project tomorrow to make some tweaks, but otherwise leave the composition as it is. Good luck!

  • Hi for some reason I can't upload my clip...help :)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the help, yes for some reason it was in my spam box. Thanks for the help, well appreciated!

  • Hi, I wanted to know whether or not the clip's resolution being slightly downgraded to 720p is in risk of being disqualified. I know that the competition rules state that the original scene must not be tampered with, but can this possibly result in penalization?

  • ProducerJoefromMT
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    Hi there!

    I know the question has already been asked in a few different ways, but I was wondering if it's illegal for me to put a limiter with basic maximization (Ozone) on the master channel in my DAW to get my submission up to an optimal volume standard?

    Just to clarify, what I am describing in no way affects the original audio except for its volume in relational context to the music I prepared for the contest.

    Your response is much appreciated!

  • EhabAbouDonia
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    I did not receive any emails from Spitfire Audio to confirm my entry to the competition. The only email I received was from Google Forms with a copy of my answers filling the form. I checked my spam folder and there was nothing there. Any idea why would that happen?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @EhabAbouDonia

    This google forms email is your confirmation email for this competition. No other email will be sent to confirm your entry.

  • Hi @emma9 and all,

    When exporting from Logic, please ensure this box is unticked. Having it ticked will be the cause of this issue.

  • Hi @Audiophobic,

    This is not a requirement for entering the competition. So long as you have completed the steps In this video you should be set: Getting Started | DC Stargirl Scoring Competition - Entering The Competition

  • Hi @ProducerJoefromMT,

    A limiter can be applied to the whole mix if needed but no loudness specifications need to be met.

  • @Angus Hello,

    I think this question has probably been asked before but I couldn't find the answer.

    I uploaded my entry with the proper hashtag and received a confirmation email from SA.

    It's been over an hour since upload to YT and the video is present if I use the link but it doesn't appear in a hashtag search. When I use the link the proper hashtag is visible in both the description and title. Any advice or comment is appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Trying again as I didn't get an answer - sorry but just want to make sure :).

    There's a 3 second part where the spoken text is a bit weak. Is it ok (or "legal") to increase the volume using automation just for the line so it will be heard better? Or would that be considered as "manipulating audio"?

  • Hi,

    After I completed my submission, I received a confirmation e-mail of my responses via Google Forms. It was not an e-mail from Spitfire Audio per se, it just had Spitfire in the subject and listed all my responses plus a link for editing the responses if needed. Is this sufficient for being registered for the competition or should I have also received an e-mail from Spitfire specifically?



  • Hi Russell,

    The hashtag search is populated by Youtube so we can't make any changes to it, unfortunately. This should not affect whether your entry is judged so long as you have submitted it through the google form.

  • Hi @YogX

    Automating the Clip's Audio (adjusting it to different levels at different points in the scene) is not permitted.

  • Am I allowed to change different parts of the audio from the clip and adjust the volume differently at different places?

    I hope someone can help me with that. I still need to submit.

    Thanks in advance for helping!

  • Abhay
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  • Hey, guys. Just uploaded my video to YouTube and submitted my application for the competition.

    I've read that I'm allowed to share the YouTube link in my social media accounts... But I would like to directly upload it again so it can reach more people (algorithms and stuff).

    Am I allowed to do this? Didn't find a clear answer in the rules.

    Thanks in advance! And sorry for my English

  • I've scored the video and now want to upload it to share. But how do you do it?

    Help, please.

    Mike Yates

  • Hey everyone, I was just wondering if any of you knew how to fix tags on Youtube. I've put the tag in the 'tags' section, in the title of the video, and the description, and it still isn't showing up. Thanks.

  • official_swross
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    I hate when these things happen; I having issues with my DAW currently and I am unable to upload my final project on YouTube right now. Am I too late to enter the competition?

  • jp3composer
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    WHAT THE HECK!!! I was finally able to upload my video and the music didn't come out. I played it on Quicktime and it worked and that was the file I uploaded. Did anyone else have this problem??? I deleted the first one and resubmitted but the same thing. And now its too late to resubmit.

  • Hello Spitfire Audio,

    I submitted my work on August 6. I filled out the entry form and posted the video on my channel.

    I did not receive a confirmation from Google forms and cannot find my video on the Stargirl Youtube page. Here is the link to my video: https://youtu.be/_b4kgawCqmM

    I'm not sure that I'm even entered.

    Please advise.


    Joe Sorce

  • Hello There!

    I am a composer who has been working to enter the Stargirl competition for the past three weeks. I finished my score at 8:00 EST, since I thought the competition ended at 11:59 EST, not BST.

    I finished the score before the deadline, but wasnt able to submit it before the deadline, since there was an error on my part regarding timezones. (again, I live in EST, and I misread BST for EST)

    May I please submit my score for the competition? I have worked incredibly hard on the project, and would love the chance for it to be judged! (I am also a huge fan of spitfire audio gear, and would love to be in the running for the contest.

    Again, The score is completely done, and I will link it here as proof, I just desperately want it to be put into the competition. I have worked incredibly hard on this score.(This would also mean id need to fill out the form as well)

    Thank you so much for considering.

    ~Grant Craven

    Here is the link: https://youtu.be/3SA6_CQ-Vfg

  • Here's hoping. I really like your work.

  • @violinsam I had the same issue this morning. It took 11 hours for it to appear in the hashtag search #mystargirlscore. Hopefully you’ll have the same result.

  • Ugh, same here. I can't believe it, I wish there was something we could do. Nice writing, Grant. Hey Spitfire, if you have mercy on us, here's my link, as well.

    10:35 EST 8/12

  • I completely screwed up, and just posted my final draft to YouTube, meandered over to the signup form to realize it's closed and I misunderstood the time zone. Begging for a second chance!

    Here's my link (10:40 EST 8/12)