Hmmm. I’ve started have problems with LABS too, with Reaper…

I’ve actually logged on to ask a technical question about the competition, which I will do in a moment, but noticed a few LABS issues.

I’ve not investigated it thoroughly, but I too have started to experience crashes just in the last few days, which appear to point to LABS instances. Tonight it has been crashing my Stargirl project to the extent that I can’t load the project at all. I’ll check out Angus’ suggestions below, but there does appear to be a recurring problem here guys. Please fix!


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    @philh27 do you know what version of the plugin you are running? (Shows in the bottom right of the plugin). Can you also let me know whether you are using AU, VST, or VST3?

  • Thanks for the response Angus,

    The plug in is version 1.3.8

    All the sample files etc are together in their own Spitfire folder. There are instances of LABS in both VST and VST3 folders. To be honest when I download(ed) LABS originally and subsequent libraries, I simply followed the default instructions.

    I have been having the odd crash for a week or so and yesterday, it was crashing like crazy and eventually would not open the project.

    However today, I've been working on it all day without any issues at all. Odd, but obviously a relief.

    However any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.



  • @philh27 the latest update to LABS is v.1.3.11. Please can you update to this first by repairing all LABS:

  • Thanks Angus, will do.

  • Hi Angus,

    Thanks for the response.

    The plug in is version 1.3.8. There seem to be LABS instances in VSt and VST3, the sample files etc themselves are all together in a separate folder. To be honest when I download(ed) them, I simply follow the default instructions.

    Odd thing is, the specific project I've been working on- and experiencing the crashes over the last week or so (Stargirl comp)- was crashing like crazy yesterday, but I've spend most of the day with it today without a single problem.

    However any thoughts/ advice would be appreciated.



  • Hey Phil,

    I was having the same issue and I believe I have found a temporary/workaround fix. Before you add the plugin in Reaper, right click it and choose "Run as -> Separate Process." This has stopped it from crashing Reaper for me (I think/hope), but your mileage may vary.