• Hi @Salvador99 - don't worry! If you submitted the link to your video through our entry form, we will see it.

  • Video uploaded shall content the new score music plus the original audio, right?

  • In my opinion, if you want to try to improve your score then just go for it! Store a backup of the score you have now and if the new score somehow ends up worse, then you can just leave your original submission as is.

    As far as my score goes, I'm pretty happy with it and am more than ready to let it be and move on. It's important to reach that place at some point so you don't get stuck running in circles.

    In conclusion: trust your gut!

  • Hi @FCO - Yes, please include the clip's original audio along with your score in your submission.

  • stevencravis
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    To SpitfireAudio Moderator:

    Direct support (via email response) at Spitfire has stated: "Yes, it's fine to change the volume slightly if you need to, other alterations to the original sound are not permitted." but at this forum, it appears you're answering that we should not adjust the level of the audio at all.

    Can you please clarify?

    Especially, since the default dialogue and sound effects audio level seems quite high in Logic.

    Thank you.


  • I have read here that no alterations are to be done to the original audio file. Does that also mean i cannot lower the volume of the movieclip say about -2db? It seems to be very loud? Need to push the music beyond the LUFS that youtube supports. But it is doable without lowering or altering the clip of course. I am just asking to be sure

  • Hello guys,

    I hope you're doing great, we're partecipating to this contest from Italy, once we've uploaded our score on Youtube we've received a restriction for a violation of rights by WBTV. Do you know if it is normal? We challenged it saying that we didn't violate anything but we are just partecipating to an official contest. Any suggestion from your side?

    Thank you in advance,

    Have a great day

  • SFriedrich
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    I'm also want to be sure if i've got the "unaltered" original sound right.

    When importing the clip's audio track into Logic, it peaks at 0 dB; playing it back on a stereo track at 0dB even indicates some (intersample?) overs (in orange).

    Since I usually go for a peak at -1dB for Youtube videos (to prevent that YT's algorithm does it on its own) i slightly lowered the volume of the original audio to -1.5dB, at one passage to -2.dB. Also, there's a master limiter on the mixbus to secure a true peak at -1dB.

    Is this ok?

  • 🌟 PSA Regarding the Clip's Audio Level 🌟

    It seems there is some confusion regarding what is allowed when it comes to adjusting the clip's volume, so to clarify:

    OKAY: Making the entire Clip's Audio track a few dB lower if you are experiencing volume spikes in your DAW

    NOT OKAY: Automating the Clip's Audio (adjusting it to different levels at different points in the scene)

  • Thanks for clarifying!

    Just replaced the video with the version that has a constant -1.5dB level of the original audio.

  • Aaron Moon
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    FYI to anyone having issues with initially finding their video on YouTube search results. It is my impression that YouTube caches their search database at certain intervals. So depending on when you post your video it may take some time to show up in the search engine.

    You can find more info here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/58097?hl=en

    @MonthofNae @Salvador99 @Helgi M. & Whoever else...

  • I've left mine for a while with the intention of coming back to it and spend a couple of days tidying up. A couple of areas I wasn't happy with but wasn't sure where to take them. A little time and distance and hopefully I'll be able to make some improvements - and get the overall balance sounding better. Not thinking I'm going to win anything, but want to be happy with my entry.

  • Hey Spitfire Audio Team!

    Thank you for answering my previous questions. I have one question left sorry about that 😅

    I'm curious about the loudness of the clip, should it meet loudness standards like EBU R128? Or should it be mixed for youtube criteria?

    Thank you so much for the answer! 🤗

  • Thanks in advance!

    1-I've composed and mixed my piece and I'm ready to master. I have some mastering templates that I use regularly. However, I've imported the video as a track into Reaper and the audio soundtrack is therefore also being 'mastered' as well as my music. I don't want this to be the case as obviously some of the sound FX are popping out to loud.

    2- Possibly connected to this, I'm not quite sure how to render/ export the audio and video together, again bearing in mind that i don't really want my music mastering tools to be used on the video audio track.

    I'm sure this is probably pretty straightforward but I just can't quite get my head around it.

    Thanks again.

  • Is it allowed to upload a slightly longer video than the original 01:56 length?

    I am asking because I would like to allow the reverb tail to fully play at the ending. That would require extending the exported video render by few seconds. No changes to the video content itself would be made.

    Is it an acceptable edit or are we expected to fully fit the audio in the 01:56 boundaries?

  • I have just resubmitted mine. The change was rather small, but in the first version I used a small portion of the original video audio(the sound when Icicle is blowing his ice-breath) as a source sound for some of my sound design(heavily manipulated). Anyhow, I found that this might possibly be against the rules, so in the new version I removed that completely and instead recorded myself making a blowing sound similar as in the original and completely redid my sound design on that part(and it turned out better and more intricate, in my opinion).

    And since I was doing a new version, I used the opportunity to improve on a few other things as well... on the first version the nylon string guitar was half programmed and half live recording, on the new version I replaced the programmed guitar so it's entirely a live/organic guitar, I added a bit more punch to the sound fx stuff in the end when the Stargirl logo showed up, and worked a bit with the mix and I turned up the original dialogue and fx audio a bit.

    Normally when I am finished with a track I am finished. But I normally don't participate in competitions. So I wouldn't be surprised if I end up delivering a third version.

    Hitesh Ceon

  • Sorted!

  • Hello!! I was wondering if we are allowed to share our submissions on social media?

  • mixxpitt
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    My score is not embedded with the video when uploaded to YouTube.

    Youtube is not allowing me to upload my Stargirl score with the video, is there a workaround this? I am in USA.

  • Hello, I uploaded my star girl score and feel like the overall mix can be louder. I was just curious how to do that? The sheet I filled out was emailed back to me and said I could make edits at any time. The YouTube link where your video will go, do I just delete the old video and upload a new video to YouTube and paste the link on the edit sheet?

    thank you

  • NigelAndreola
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    Am I permitted to use limiters on the stereo output buss to achieve -1dp True Peak and still qualify?

    These limiters would be set to only activate when the audio goes over -1db True Peak.

    I have brought the Stargirl video file into Cubase 11 pro. I haven't touched the video's audio track. My loudness meter is showing a +0.52 db True Peak on that track. This happens when the robot brakes the ice. Attached is a screenshot of my loudness meter after soloing the video's audio track.

    My score is at -1db. I don't want to turn down the volume of the Stargirl video's audio track. I've scored the scene to work around the volume level of the video track and am quite pleased with the levels. Combining my score together with the Stargirl video's audio track pushes the stereo output over 0db True Peak into clipping range (especially because of the robot braking the ice). Applying limiters to the stereo output solves this.

    My record label's page: starrynightmelodies.com

  • Does anyone know how Spitfire and DC are going to handle the copyright for our submissions? Is DC going to claim each score as their own or will our music remain ours?

  • Hello spitfire team, what exactly is the content of the confirmation email you sent us ? Thanks.

  • I’ve just uploaded my entry, but noticed that all other entires I can see have “Suggested by WBTV” at the bottom of their descriptions. Is this a requirement for submission? Have I missed something?



  • uploading my video did give me a copyright warning.

  • That's due to the original video/sound material from the Stargirl show, not your music.

  • JZH
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    I have a question regarding the "I confirm that I have not altered/affected either the original dialogue and FX audio or the original visual content" part of the submission form: I added some boom affects (like when the robot catches the bus) to some of the dramatic scene. Also, I used some ambient textures where Icicle blows the cold air...They sound like a sound effect and not music. It would be easy to think that it is a part of the cold air blowing sound effect in the original video. I did not alter anything from the video they are a part of my soundtrack. I just wanted to make sure. Thank you for the help!-JH

  • Yeah, but do Spitfire or DC claim ownership of the music, seeing as how it's music written for their IP?

  • Also one more question: you said:  "Making the entire Clip's Audio track a few dB lower if you are experiencing volume spikes in your DAW". Do you mean adjusting it from -1.5 to -1.3 or -1.5 to -3.5? I apologize if that is an ignorant question. The mastered video audio is very loud and pronounced so making a coherent soundtrack over the audio is quite the battle if you keep the sound near -1.5! It starts peaking very quickly. I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!