Pitch Bend for all instruments

Hi -

Please could Pitch Bend be enabled for all Spitfire Instruments. It's a massive limitation at the moment.

I understand that many instruments can't bend their pitch in reality but that doesn't always matter and it would be good to allow experimentation beyond mockup territory.

I also understand that there are possible limitations with tails or decays getting bent differently or not at all and sounding strange. If this is a concern to the 'integrity' of the sound of the VI, then maybe make it an option that can be enabled at user's discretion? It would be good to allow experimentation beyond mockup territory.

Paul Thomson has demonstrated an interesting approach to pitch bending Kontakt-based instruments for clusters here: https://youtu.be/2Xwy0LYXN4k but that is only possible with the unlocked Kontakt-based instruments, not all and that's not possible with the Spitfire Audio proprietary VI.

The 'Tune' knob in the Spitfire VI and similar in Kontakt can be automated with MIDI cc, but that is not a workaround as it only allows 128 steps which is not smooth at all compare to the pitch wheel's more than 16,000 steps.

Enabling pitch bend would be a massive boost to allow the libraries to be used for more experimental purposes.




  • Yes please PitchBend ;-)

  • Hi @Graham @floyd, we currently don't offer pitch bend in most of our libraries as it tends to lower the quality of the samples - especially with organic and orchestral instruments.

    However I will pass your feedback along to the product team as they may decide to add this feature in the future.

    In the meantime, I'd recommend using another third party plugin that can manipulate the pitch such as Waves SoundShifter or something similar!

  • Have you looked at ‘Fluid Pitch’ from PitchInnovations.com?

    I recently purchased it but haven’t yet had a chance to try it.

  • I agree! Please implement this. I like to be able to modulate pitch and prefer to use the pitch wheel instead of a plug-in. I'd say that I'm willing to take changes in sample quality into account!

  • Another request for pitchbend.

    I don't really see why you wouldn't enable it...

    Just yesterday I wanted to warp the BBC orchestra but I had to fiddle about with a plug in to do it. It would have been so much quicker to just use a pitch wheel.

    If someone's bothered that it makes things sound a bit odd or spoils the sample quality, they won't use it (why would they be using pitch bend on an orchestra anyway?). Some of use would welcome that for more experimental work.