What is the correct price for Solstice for those who are Albion owners?

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I own Loegria and Neo, and I rushed through the Solstice purchase due to the intro price being about to end soon, but I paid $349. Is this correct? Price didn't change when I put it into the cart..


  • Jase Ess
    edited July 2021

    Looking at the Solstice page, $349 is the discounted promotional rate, as when it goes back to normal pricing, it will be $449.

    If you purchased before the 15th July and owned other libraries, Spitfire would have emailed you with a special discount of 35% off, which would have made it $291.85.

    Spitfires website is pretty good and when you're logged in, it will make sure you are charged at your rate and based on the date of purchase.

    If you purchased after 15th July, then the current discount of $349 would apply.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just to update here for those seeing this post after the promotional period, this offer has now been concluded and is currently not available.