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Need some help getting started with your entry?

Check out Paul's helpful video taking you through how to set up your DAW session, Uploading to Youtube and a few of his own tips!

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  • I input the video into ableton but it didn't have sound

  • Sri
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    Yeah I too have the same problem. But as a workaround, you could separate the audio file from the video and then use it in Ableton.

  • Hi,

    I can't wait to get started on your fantastic competition, but I can't get past the first hurdle!! My DAW is Cubase Elements 10.5 and I've tried importing the video, having separately converted it into all the accepted formats for Cubase (MPEG, Quicktime, AVI and MP4), but all I get is a heavily staggered version of the action (about one frame every 6 seconds!!) so you can imagine that it's not very inspiring!!

    I'm beginning to think that the reason may be the age of my laptop - it's about 10 years old and is using Windows 7. If there is no solution would you accept a piece that is roughly timed to fit the action?

    All the best and keep up the good work,

    Peter Kay

  • Hi @Peter Kay

    Cubase should accept .mov files provided you have installed QuickTime player. Let me know if that helps!

  • Where can I download the video from?

  • Hi Angus,

    Many thanks for your reply and sorry for not writing sooner but I've been trying possible solutions as follows:

    I didn't have Quicktime Player, so I installed it. At first it said "loading" for a long time then it moved on to the message "Switch" and got stuck!! I then tried another one called VLC from VideoLan with no luck, so I moved over to the inbuilt system (Windows Media Player) to see if there were any potential updates but the version I have is the most up-to-date. The only half-successful video format so far is an Mpeg, which imports onto the project but freezes after about 3 seconds. It's all very frustrating, especially as the deadline is creeping closer and closer!!

    Thanks again for your reply and apologies for writing again,

    All the best,

    Peter Kay

  • This video goes above and beyond what you all had to do and is helpful and very nice of you.

    Also I had a moment when he said 145bpm was a nice starting point, because I had already started with my project set to that by my ear. lol.

  • Hi. Have you tried instructing Cubase to read its frame rate data from the video file?

    When I first loaded into Cubase 11 Pro I got an error message because the video file is NTSC (North America and other countries) I am from the UK so the default for me is PAL. NTSC runs at a different frame rate. Press Shift+S to open the project set up window and then in the section that says Project Frame Rate click on the "Get Frame Rate from Video" button.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I've written a version and although it’s a great start and I’m super-proud of my time and key sigs, I feel it’s rather generic.

    So, I revisited PT’s video. She says the score should have thematic material for each character, give space for dialogue and be any instrumentation (hers was orchestral).

    To stand out, it needs to be imaginative, mixed as well as possible and be truthful to the action onscreen. Tough!

    I think I’ll create 2 versions. One has to simply let go of conformity whilst the other expresses the raw playing, but is more generic.

    What are your challenges and have you found it hard to break out into individuality?



  • Hi NS4_26,

    Many thanks for your reply and suggestion, I tried it but unfortunately without any luck, so I have scoured the Steinberg forums and found it to be a fairly common problem with Cubase. The suggestions were to look at the Video player, the Graphics Card or try to change the audio format. I tried all these but I'm still having no luck so, apart from trying to upgrade to Window 10, I'm running out of options.

    Anyway, thanks again for your message and support. It is much appreciated!!

    All the best,

    Peter Kay

  • I'm struggling with the same issue, except that even when i let cubase (artist 11) match the framerate it only sets to 24 fps instead of the real 23.98 which is causing some issues in playback while i'm trying to make my score.

    apparently you have to own cubase pro 11 to get it to set it to 23.98 fps. AGH!!!

    anyone have any suggestions?

  • @hua and @Sri

    Make sure you have done the following:

    • Installed Quicktime player and rebooted Ableton
    • Drop the video in the Arrangement View not the Session View.

    Dropping the clip in the standard session view will not split the Audio out correctly.

    Alternatively, if you go back to the link an mp4 version of the clip should now be available.

  • Hi @Peter Kay , A member of our team has reached out via email to assist with this. Please check your emails for a message sent on the 26th of July.

  • I'm struggling with an error with the framerate and I think it is affecting playback of the video. After 10 seconds or so it falls out of sync and quits playing except for a choppy mess.

    I'm running an i7 in windows with 16 GB ram and graphics card, an internal 1TB HHD and 1 TB SSD with Cubase running mostly off the SSD. I've turned off all other stuff that I can to speed up the computer as well.

    I'm using Cubase Artist 11 and it only allows you to set 24 fps instead of the real 23.98.

    You have to own Cubase Pro 11 to get it to set it to 23.98 fps. AGH!!!

    anyone have any suggestions?

  • Solved my problem!

    I used XMedia Recode to convert the video to mp4 with a framerate of 24.

    Works perfectly - totally smooth, no hiccups!!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • For those struggling getting the Stargirl clip to work in Ableton, we now have a support video on this thanks to @Stewart.

    Please note that if you are a Windows user, we now have a .mp4 version of the video available via the original link. Alternatively, you will just need to install Quicktime Player.

    Link to Stargirl download:

    Link to Quicktime Player download :

  • Hi,

    Just to let you know that I have, at long last, managed to download the video!!

    Many thanks for all your help.

    All the best,

    Peter Kay

  • Where can I download the clip from?

  • Struggling to export my FL Studio track with embedded mp4 video. Keep getting just the audio. Any clues to what I’m doing wrong?

  • Are we allowed to adjust the volume of the track? Its really loud. The form states:

    "I confirm that I have not altered/affected either the original dialogue and FX audio or the original visual content "

    I read that as dont turn down the volume on the track, but it seems to drown out most of my audio.