Out now - Hammers

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Make an impact with this comprehensive collection of drums and percussion instruments. Created in collaboration with composer Charlie Clouser (Saw, Wayward Pines, Nine Inch Nails), Hammers features more than 1,000 sounds across 58 drums, including detailed hits, ensembles, over 800 performance loops, and genre-bending warps. ⁠ ⁠ With this selection of explosive drums recorded in a Brutalist space made of concrete, glass, and steel—allowing for a uniquely sharp attack and controlled reverb—composers will have a powerful tool for creating hard-hitting rhythms, elevating your craft and supercharging your compositions. ⁠ 

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  • The discount isn't being applied!!!

  • If you own Cinematic Percussion? you get 30% off of Hammers. If your a new member. Can you take advantage of this offer if you have just signed up? Is there a link to the Cinematic Percussion?

  • The introductory price (available to anyone) is £199. If you own Cinematic Percussion (£29) the price drops to approximately £174. Offers end 12th August.

  • Buy the cinematic percussion in a separate transaction, wait a few minutes, then buy Hammers. The discount you get on Hammers nearly pays for Cinematic Percussion. Yay free stuff

  • hammers have drumsticks on the wood? Where can I find these types of gokpes, they are very interesting but I don't know if they are included here or in which library do they include them?

  • Hi @Jhon Alexis

    Specifically, there are no wood percussion elements in this library. Check out Spitfire Percussion (Joby Burgess).