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We're opening the floor to all for a chance to share your work and see how your peers have approached the scene!

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  • Very nice job. The music enhances and doesn't get in the way of important dialog. Nice ending crescendo.

  • Thank you!

    1: I wanted to unify with a single melody instead of multiple melodies

    2: While feeling like it's over

    By what seems also to continue as

    I wanted to reach the end in a row

    I made these two in mind



    I'm a little sad


  • raducm
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    This is my entry for DC Stargirl's Scoring Competition 2021!

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to share my score for Stargirl competition, hope you like it! Thank you.

  • It's nice how you arranged the synths to function like an orchestra, I like it!

    I will start working on my own entry in a next few days, I'm also aiming at something synth-based.

  • kylestauffer
    edited July 2021

    I'm normally just a video/animator guy but love the music side and wanted to give this a shot. Be gentle.

  • Hi everyone, Here is my score. This was so much fun to do. Thanks to everyone at Spitfire for making this possible! Best of luck to everyone that entered.

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    Here is my submission for the contest.

    I leaned heavily on sound design, minimalism, underscoring, textural emotive support and accentuating visuals with effects etc. rather than having full on music the whole time - Percussive elements to match the pace and tension - hopefully letting the dialogue breath.

    Using BBC Pro, Abbey Road One, Albion Solstice & Tundra, Felt Instruments Blisko Violin & Sunset Strings.

    Pretty stoked on how it all came out!

  • Here's my attempt. Used mostly Pianobook samples.

  • Hey there everyone!

    Here is my original score for the Spitfire Audio | DC's Stargirl Scoring Competition if you'd like to check it out. I primarily used the Spitfire Solstice as the core of the sounds but doubled parts with a bunch of other libraries (99% Spitfire ones) and some analog synths.

    I went for a darker, folk-inspired score...

    Libraries used Albion Solstice, Spitfire Symphonic Brass, Spitfire Solo Strings, Spitfire Percussion Professional, East West Brass

    Keen to know ya thoughts !

  • Hello everybody!

    Here's my entry for the Spitfire Audio DC's Stargirl Scoring Competition.

    Hope you guys like it!

  • Hello lifeforms :)

    very nice entries everyone... actually quite fascinating to see the different approaches towards the scene, much too learn.

    Good luck!

    almost forgot... my entry...

  • Hi everyone,

    The following is my entry to the DC Stargirl Scoring Competition. Just to prevent any confusion, my real name is Anthony Verano but I go by the artist name, Audi Meae.

    I went back and forth working on about three different versions before I decided on this one. My first attempt had a clean mix but I felt it was a bit too basic and didn't quite follow the emotions as closely as I wanted. My second attempt simply did not cut through the mix and was conflicting with a lot of the SFX and dialogue. My third attempt is what follows which kind of strikes a balance between my other two versions. Compared to my previous attempts I felt this version amped up the energy during the action sequence a lot more than my previous attempts and transitioned through to the emotional sequence much better. I tried to create a more mysterious vibe in the second half to kind of represent Icicle and give off a vibe that something sneaky and bad was going to happen.

    As always any and all feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. I'm very thankful for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow with the community and I look forward to hearing everyone's take on the scene. Best of luck to everyone in the competition!

  • Hi! I'm Tara Boraine, AKA Tzara.

    This is one of the first compositions that I've done to picture. I challenged myself to write the score in just under a day, as Pinar Toprak mentioned the industry-standard turnaround time for a scene like this is very short. I predominantly used free software, including the Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra & Spitfire LABS.

    I don't think I hit all the cuts completely correctly/as I would have liked, but hey, I'm new to this. Would love to know your thoughts!

    As always, incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

  • Hello there !

    Here's my entry for the competition. I'd love to have feedback from you guys ! Good luck everyone :)

  • Hi everyone.

    Loved taking part in this. Huge thanks to the team at Spitfire for giving the community such a great impetus to practice scoring to picture on such a high profile property. Freakin' amazing! (and it's also gotten me listening to a whole bunch of new and incredible composers from this community. Not a bad thing at all)

    Considering who this comp is coming from I decided to write this entirely with the BBCSO Core edition (with the exception of Thrill from NI (for some cluster strings), Rise and Hit from NI and a couple of Arturia synths.) I'd only previously been using BBCSO to fill in gaps in other libraries, and I'm really glad I chose to do this as I had a wonderful experience working with just the BBCSO.

    But enough backstory. Set French Horns to Sfz and enjoy my entry into the comp.

    Would love any and all feedback. 😀

  • Hi everyone,

    Went very minimalist and seem to have undershot all the wonderful orchestral entries on here.

    Taught myself music theory during lockdown and got inspired by the Spitfire team - LABS and a free copy of BBC Discovery got me started and now have BBC SO to push my skills.

    Hope you like the score.

  • Hi Everyone,

    took a bit of a playful yet suspenseful approach with the competition, hope you like it.

  • I really like this one. Your pacing is solid, and yours is the first entry I've heard that catches the humor in the "kid's looking right at me" moment. Well done!

  • Hi everyone!

    I apologize for the repost, today I just couldn't resist the urge to work on my entry again in an effort to squeeze every little bit out of it. I just had a feeling that I could improve on the timing, arrangement and clarity of the mix. I rearranged the track to have more of a buildup as well as have better timing with the tempo of the scenes. I really tried my best to time everything in a way so that I could not only make the dialog and SFX more audible but also allow the music to come out more. One of the challenges was to get the bass to provide the thump I wanted without conflicting with the dialog and SFX, a lot of it had to do with timing. Overall, I'm super thankful for the opportunity to put my own touch on this scene. I absolutely love putting music to picture, it's just pure fun for me personally. Again, I apologize for the repost. As always any and all feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated! - Anthony Verano (Audi Meae)

    DC Stargirl Scoring Competition (Entry by Anthony Verano):