🌟Announcing Our New Competition - DC's - STARGIRL 🦸‍♀️


  • This is a great opportunity - can't wait to take part.

  • ...and again...I feel like I'm closer...and still no clip. Starting to feel like the first week might be just searching for the clip...i need coffee.

  • Great competition, really inspiring but also a bit scary trying something for the first time :-)

  • I missed out on the comp last year as I only just started playing around with music since November.

    Looking forward to this opportunity, hopefully someone at Spitfire will get a laugh out of my entry.


  • So what's the play here? It's a competition so while a "standard" score that matches the superhero setting is probably what we all think of first, an entry like that is unlikely to win because there will be so many of them.

    So how individual are you creating your entry? The winner last year was infamously individual and in that way stood out significantly. Imagine you are judging all of these entries, they will all start to sound the same (synth, back beat, soaring strings, etc.). So do you go all in and try to beat everyone else at creating a GREAT straightforward score or go way out of the genre/expected to stand out?

  • Hi @rocklobster - while this is entirely subjective, and up to you in terms of which direction you would like to take it, we would recommend trusting your instincts as a composer and honouring your unique voice. Competitions such as this are not designed to make you feel bad, but rather to encourage you to do your best and show the world what you can do for any given challenge.