BBC SO Core mode switching by its self?

I started with discover and for the piece I am working on I needed much more and decided to go Core (Thank you spring sale!) It is so much better! I do have a question. When I bring up a track that was Discover the instrument has * asterisks around it. I "reselect" the instrument and they are gone. When I play back it switches to the asterisk one. I removed all controllers and it still does this switch. I also copied the midi and the switching followed. The asterisk one has a very low volume for Violins 1 Long so I need the non asterisk one for a particular passage.

I am using expression maps to change articulations.

Is it possible to stop that behavior?

Cubase Pro 11, Ryzen 5 3600, 32 GB Ram.


  • Asterisk indicates that the original/default settings of the instrument have been changed. That means anything that isn't 100% expression 100% modulation will have that asterisk. Reloading an instrument resets these values which is why the asterisk goes away. I'd check your cc channels and make sure you aren't accidentally modifying an "unused" channel. Or, I'd intentionally write cc info on your midi data to make sure it plays at the volume you want.

    Common volume problems are usually on cc1 (modulation), cc11 (expression), and occasionally cc7 (midi volume). If it's not any of this, I think some screenshots/recordings of your session would be helpful cause I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

  • I will check this evening. Thanks!

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